It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to Aliens Tattoo Traning Institute. Aliens Tattoo has been one of the most trusted and genuine learning sources around the globe. Our vision and motives fall among the initiatives of those few thinkers who really want to initiate a change in the tattoo industry globally. An initiative to help aspiring artists and elevate their art skills to bring the best out of them rather than expecting them to be upto the mark makes our Training program super student friendly. 


Sunny Bhanushali, the founder of Aliens Tattoo, Learn It Like Aliens and Aliens Tattoo School  has painstakingly built a commendable reputation in this rather nascent industry with more than 14 years of professional experience in tattooing, painting and photography. The idea to build a tattoo school took place almost 8 years ago (2009) when he realised the importance and the need of proper education for people who wish to pursue tattooing as a career. Under his vision and direction, Aliens Tattoo School was established in the year 2011 and from that day, Aliens Tattoo School has been evolving constantly according to the need of the global tattoo industry to help aspiring artists learn this most ancient form of art.



Aliens Tattoo Training Institute has been one of the learning temples for the art seekers around the globe. Students from major countries like Canada, Italy, London, South Africa, UAE have taken training from our tattoo training institute and have done wonders out in the industry.


 "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

—   Benjamin Frankline


We believe in teaching, sharing and passing on the knowledge to the ones who need it. It's a universal law that only by sharing knowledge, comes more knowledge. This approach enlightens whole human race and is the base of our growth and success. 


At Aliens, we teach every student individually that is one on one basis. We understand everyone has a different level of grasping capacity, also every individual has unique qualities and capabilities which we identify and use to train him/her accordingly rather than changing and moulding them.


Our team is made up of illustrators, digital painters, skilled tattoo artists, photographers and designers. Our students not only learn the tattoo art but learn to become an all rounder. 


Here at Aliens, you will be involved in many projects as you become a part of us. Apart from learning art, you will also be exposed to marketing and business. You will be introduced to the path of self-learning and how you can leverage your learning process to become what you wished in less time. We guide you and encourage you to discover your own style. Exploring your inner-self to find your style will allow your passion and hard-work come together and make the whole process of tattooing fluid and easy.



We offer wide range of courses as we have realised that our students come from various backgrounds. Many of our student are already practicing tattoo art, some are from very strong artistic background and wish to explore this art medium to expand their artistry. Some students come right out of the college and take tattoo art as a career. Few international students have limited time frame and seek for the course which can be completed in short time. Considering all these facts, we've designed our courses to suit the student's need. Take look at all the courses and find the right one for yourself.


// Basic Course in Tattoo Art

// Intermediate Course in Tattoo Art

// Complete Course in Tattoo Art

// Artist's Program

// Course in Digital Art