12 days

tattoo workshop


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Dates: 16/08 - 27/08

Total Duration: 12 Days

Maximum Seats : 40

11:00am - 10:00pm

We are so gratified to present you with our another initiative to help aspiring tattoo artist to improve their tattoo and designing skills through our 12th Tattoo Workshop happening in Mumbai, India.

This Workshop is unlike any other seminar or workshop ever happened in our tattoo industry. It is different because in this workshop every attendee will be tattooing under the guidance of Mentors, which means you just don't get to see and learn new techniques, you also get to try, practice on real skin. This approach of teaching will guarantee the change in your work, you will no more be the same artist :)


This workshop is divided into 3 sections, Designing and Live Seminar and practical application of the skills learned. To learn more about the workshop please click here


This workshop is designed to help you make the most out of it, it is unlike any other workshops or seminars you have ever attended or happened in our tattoo industry. It is divided into 3 parts, namely 


First 4 days we are focusing on designing and art, 2 days are dedicated to the tattoo workshop/seminar where Sunny Bhanushali and Mukesh Waghela will be sharing their experience and advance tattoo techniques through live tattooing. 6 days are dedicated to practice where-in all the attendees/artists will be live tattooing under the supervision of mentors. Each one will be given one-on-one attention to help them get better at the tattoo skills.



16th to 19th August 2018 - 4 Days

//4 DAYS

DAY 1 - Workshop will start with interactive session on Science of mind, psychology of an average mind, how to change your habits, follow the right discipline to become a successful artist. Balance of being an artist, being socially responsible and making money. Understanding the universal physics and law, importance of goal setting and the process.

After lunch, Pramod Sahu will take over the rest of the DAY ONE. He will be teaching about the basics of art/drawing. He will cover topics like -

- Using shapes to object drawing

- Balance in design

- Impact

- Foreground/background relativity

- Contrast

- Importance of Sizing

You will be sketching a lot in the first 2 days with proper guidance of Pramod Sahu

DAY 2 - This day is dedicated to Colour Theory. Understanding of primary colours, fundamentals of colour mixing, nature of colours. How to pick/make the right colours. 

This session is special as Pramod Sahu, known for hyper-realism colour rangoli around the globe, will be sharing his secrets of colour making and how he manages to create 100s of colours just by using 3 primary colours.

DAY 3 | DAY 4 - These 2 days we will be focusing on concept designing of tattoos. Topics covered are -

Understanding of design brief.

- Sketching multiple drafts.

- Reference searching using Google and other search engines.

Understanding the placement of the tattoo and designing accordingly.

- Use of Wacom and iPad to design.

- Use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook etc for designing.

- Digital paining.

- 3D painting and mock-ups.

20th to 27th August 2018 - 8 Days


//8 DAYS

DAY 5 - Everyone (all Attendees) will be tattooing on artificial skin, you will be given common tattoo design to tattoo on rubber skin to understand where each one of you stand in terms of art skill level. At the end of the day, mentors will evaluate each one of you and guide you accordingly on rest of the days.

DAY 6 - Workshop/Seminar by Mukesh Waghela.

Mukesh will be live tattooing sharing his experience and techniques with everyone. He will reveal his techniques on bold lining, soft shading, after care etc. This whole session will be interactive.

DAY 7 - Workshop/Seminar by Sunny Bhanushali.

Sunny will be live tattooing a photo-realism art. He will be sharing his knowledge on designing, placement of tattoo, stencilling  machines, lining, shading, texturing, balance of contrast, after care, photography etc. This whole session will be interactive and very informative.

DAY 8 | DAY 9 - Practice on artificial skin, all the attendees will be practicing all new/learnt techniques on rubber skin. Mentors will be guiding through the session on one-on-one basis.

We will make sure that you get it all right, there will be continuous step-by-step guidance while you are working on tattoo.

DAY 10 | DAY 11 - Attendees will tattoo on real skin under the guidance of mentors. Each one will need to finish one mid-sized tattoo of their choice. Tattoo models for tattooing will be provided by us.

Every attendee will reach/experience a new level  of tattoo art-skills within them. This tattoo will be the proof of elevation of the art skills everyone will experience. 



Globally known for realism and hyper-realism tattoos. Won multiple awards in many international conventions. Owner of one of the Asia's top tattoo studio, Aliens Tattoo. His work on realism has been recognised and published in many international magazines like Total Tattoo Magazine, London. 

65000 INR (1050 USD)


Cost includes accommodation and food for 11 Nights. You can pay by card, cash on bank deposit. Please fill out the following form to apply for this workshop. We will contact you in less than 48 hours to discuss further.