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anikesh suryavanshi



I was lost as a teenager and didn't know where I would end up after dropping out of college

Anikesh Suryavanshi, an engineering student spent his college years in Indore. Tattooing attracted him immediately as he saw his friends getting inked and he desperately wanted to learn it. He began his journey right then leaving everything behind. His journey wasn't so easy before he joined Aliens Tattoo School. He had to work hard under people that too not in a very comfortable situation to make a living.  However, all that one needs is a light that leads them to the right path and Anikesh did find one. He met Sunny Bhanushali at a tattoo convention and was called to Mumbai at Aliens Tattoo. That changed everything for him. Today, after thorough observation and constant tattoo training, he has proven himself by doing some mesmerizing tattoos and now is a part of Aliens Tattoo team.

After he completed his complete course in tattoo art, we did a small group discussion with Anikesh just to get a feedback and understand how was his experience at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey from a being a just a helper to becoming a PRO TATTOO ARTIST

What made you choose art over every other stream?

~ I’ve never been interested in studies and theory, art was something I always loved and something that made me happy.

Were you always an artist?

~ I used to sketch but was never particularly good at it.

What is your educational background?

~ I went to college to in Indore to study engineering. Couldn't complete it though as I was failing to be a part of that race.  I wanted to get out and do something that was more real and joyful.

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~ At first they weren’t supportive as they didn't think being an artist would be a fulfilling career for me, and tattooing wasn't really acceptable where I come from, but now that they see that I'm doing well, they are finally supportive and proud of what I do. 

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~ I am from Gwalior and tattooing wasn’t exactly a career choice there, but then when I moved to Indore for college, I came across several people with tattoos, some temporary, some permanent. I found that quite fascinating and thought of choosing it as a full-time career.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~ I’d have to say Sunny Bhanushali.

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brought you here?

~ I was working with another artist, and Sunny sir did a guest spot at that studio, and I had the chance of assisting him and was very much inspired by him. Then I happened to meet him again, at a tattoo festival, and that's when I found out about the school.

How is your overall experience at Aliens tattoo school?

~ My experience has been great. I wasn't even good at sketching when I came here, and now I can do advanced level tattoos.

Is it any different than what you expected? Were all your expectations met?

~ All my expectations were met, in fact, i learned so much more than I expected. I was only expecting to be a good tattoo artist, but Aliens Tattoo School has taught me not only that, but also how to be a great designer, illustrator, and a businessman.


How confident are you about tattooing after finishing this course?

~ I am very much confident that when it comes to doing black and grey tattoos I can execute it very well.


What are your plans after finishing the course?

~ I am a professional tattoo artist and earning my name and fame in the tattoo industry, the Sponsorship Program that I was offered at Aliens Tattoo School was a huge milestone where I performed at some biggest tattoo conventions and met some great artists and suppliers.


Would you happily be tattooing all your life?

~ Yes, I would love to tattoo all my life, it’s something I'm passionate about, and I’ll never give up on it.


How much scope do you think tattooing has in India?

~ India has a great scope in tattooing. The demand is endless, as tattoos become something that a lot of people consider getting now, and it isn’t just something for the rebels.


Why should one choose to tattoo as a career? Please share your thoughts.

~ Among many reasons, the lifestyle of a tattoo artist once established is great, that’s one of the reasons why I would suggest choosing to tattoo.


What were the struggles you faced while progressing  through the course?

~ Because I was starting from scratch, I struggled with everything quite a bit. From managing my own expenses at first to convincing my parents. But it was all worth it.

What were you doing before you joined this course?

~ I was an apprentice in a tattoo parlor, but that didn't pan out, I couldn't learn much so I decided to come to Aliens Tattoo School to learn.