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I was working in a bank for 11 years but i had no job satisfaction and i knew I needed to get out!


Samira Dunuwille, a banker from Sri Lanka has now becomes a pro-tattoo artist! As his passion for tattoos drove him towards the best tattoo artists, he chased sunny and got a tattoo from him. Just then, it was something about Sunny (the artist) that fascinated him so much that he wanted to be exactly like that. Well, that was just what it took for him to switch his career and become a full time tattoo artist. He was getting a tattoo done from Sunny and heard Sunny talk about a tattoo school. That piqued his interest, as he couldn't give up the chance to learn from such great artist and develop his skill for a long gone passion. 

After he completed his complete course in tattoo art, we did a small group discussion with Samira just to get a feedback and understand how was his experience at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey from a being a BANKER to becoming a PRO TATTOO ARTIST

What made you choose art over every other stream?

~ Art has always been something I've enjoyed, I've always loved to draw. Art is my passion.

Were you always an artist?

~ I had been working in a bank for 11 years, but there was no job satisfaction in that. It was very monotonous kind of work. I used to doodle whenever I got time, but not like a pro artist. I've never had any formal education in art, However I was always fascinated to see different types of art. I was drawn to Aliens because they believe anyone can become artist, one just needs love and passion for it.

What is your educational background?

~ I studied finance and marketing, then I went into banking as I believed what my family believed, to have a secured job.

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~ They were very understanding, and actually happy because they knew that I was finally following my passion. They have shown tremendous support, specially my wife and my kid.

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~ I have many tattoos on my body, I loved getting tattoos, and every time I would get tattooed I would think that I should learn to do this too. I was always fascinated by tattoos, however the idea to become a tattoo artist realised when I first met Sunny.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~ Without a doubt, Sunny Bhanushali.

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brought you here?