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FROM beginner TO a pro TATTOO






radhe guete, coming from a tribal background has now reached a level which is indeed remarkable 

Radhe Guete, a BA Graduate chose to opt tattooing as a full time career. He decided to turn his fascination for art and paintings into a serious career option and joined Aliens Tattoo School. 

His 3 months of tattoo training got his art from basic sketching to advanced level tattooing. Today Radhe runs his own studio in Guwahati, Assam and is constantly doing good tattoos. 

What makes you choose art over every other stream?

~I believe the independence you get being an artist is not something that you can get every day, and overall it's all about being creative, which is something I've always wished to be in my daily life.

Were you always an artist?

~Yes! But I have come to better my skills. As my Shifu stated: "everyone is an artist by birth."

What is your educational background?

~I have completed my graduation, I majored in Political science, and currently continuing the same.

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~Being from a tribal family, no one in my family had any objections to me become a tattoo artist, but at the same time, my mum tells me "being an artist is not an easy task".

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~Well, that's an interesting story; a friend was getting his dreadlocks done and asked me to go with him to te tattoo parlour where he was getting them done, that's when I came first came across tattooing as a career, and the artist inside me believed I could do it too.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~Without a hitch, Sunny Bhanushali. Because he inspires me to create an art on people every day, and that's something I never knew I could do.

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brings you here?

~As I'd said Sunny Bhanushali is my inspiration, and followed his career and is work, and tats ow I got the information about the institute. 'Desire to learn more' is what made me end up at the school.

How is your overall experience at Aliens tattoo school?

~For me it wasn't just a regular institute, that you'd just come across, but a place where you can be more than just an artist. In my personal experience, I not only learned from te school but was also enlightened with more wisdom from the other artists who shared the same love towards tattooing as I do.

Is it any different than what you expected? Were all your expectations met?

~I didn't know what to expect, but it was better than anything I could have ever expected.

How confident are you about tattooing after finishing this course?

~ I feel like I can conquer the whole world in this form of art.

What are your plans after finishing the course?

~I plan on sharing what I've learned here, to the outside world and make it a more beautiful place.

Would you happily be tattooing all your life?

~Yes, for sure! I can't stop doing what I love the most. For me, it is not only about tattooing but a platform where I can express my creativity and art.

How much scope do you think tattooing has in India?

~I don't know about the scope of tattooing in India, but I believe that Indians are artistic by birth, and they love art.


Why should one choose to tattoo as a career? Please share your thoughts.


~ It is a platform for art, and also a way for an artist to express themselves and their creativity, and create something that lasts forever and makes people happy.


  • What were the struggles you faced while joining the course?


~ My biggest struggle was being amongst so many talented artists. being amongst them was one of the most honourable, but difficult task for me, as they had their own way of creating beautiful pieces of art.


  • What were you doing before you joined this course?


~ Trying to find a way to live life as an artist.

Radhe Inteview