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Tattooing is an art and teaching it theoretically doesn't serve the purpose. By 80/20 rule of learning, we mean that our pedagogy involves 80% practical hands-on training and 20% theoretical teaching. With theoretical knowledge, you learn about the basics and methodology of tattooing, but practical knowledge ACTUALLY teaches you how to. Making practical tattoos on synthetic skin ensures that you remember what you've learned.

During this course, we make the students learn from scratch. In the first month, we make you forget everything you know and imbibe you with the basics of art. We start off with the fundamentals of drawing i.e. line drawing and then gradually move on to the final level, which includes still life, light and shadow study etc. For anyone to be a good tattoo artist, to have a good hand at sketching is a pre-requisite and we make sure that you learn it first-hand. With our teaching techniques, we make sure these steps become a part of your routine subconscious mind.


After you have a grip on your hand by the third month, you graduate from drawing on paper to tattooing on artificial skin. Our team of experts guide you and pay attention to each student personally. The smallest mistakes are brought to notice so that your next tattoo turns out better. Above all, practice is the key to success.


To see some success stories of our students, scroll down! Also, check our before and after posts of students on our instagram page @alienstattooschool

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Aliens Tattoo School​

1st Floor, Satguru Prasad Near Janta mech, Ramchandra lane extension, opposite to Neo plaza, Malad West, Mumbai, India 400054

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