Don't Let Your Child Waste This Vacation


What's your child up to this Summer Vacation ? Playing PUBG? Gossiping with friends? 

Why not make the most out of their time ?

The tattoo industry in India is witnessing a massive boom. In the last two decades, the industry has gained immaculate popularity amongst Bollywood actors, singers and artists. Gone are the days when tattooing was linked to hipsters alone. Tattooing is now a full-fledged career with even fresh artists earning Rs. 25,000 monthly on an average.  

Aliens Tattoo Art School offers a 90-day complete course in tattoo art to teach your child the art of tattoo from scratch.

As the best inheritance parents can give to there children is better career guidance which will  take  your younger one to the path they always desires to be.

Enroll Now For The Upcoming Vacation Batch, Admissions Closing Soon! 



Aliens Offering You


Complete course in tattoo art

Master the tattoo art, become pro tattoo artist, Know the business and become successful.

This course is the career oriented course in tattoo art. It will equip you with basics to advance level of 

tattoo techniques. You will also acquire knowledge

about tattoo business and how to open and run 

successful tattoo art business.

This course is designed to mould you such that you can readily work with any tattoo studio/tattoo artist or run your own business. We will help you built basic tattoo portfolio while you are in training which will help you use it when you approach any studio or tattoo artist for job. And after few months of experience you can start off with your new tattoo studio.​



After the completion of  the rigorous 3-month course, your child can apply for an internship at Aliens Tattoo Studio. Practise makes perfect. Interning with the Aliens will give your child an opportunity to work with India's best tattoo artists who will guide you in improving his/ her tattoo art exponentially.




Don't Just Learn, Get Hired Too! At Aliens Tattoo School , we provide 100% placement assistance. If your child displays unwavering dedication and performs excellently throughout the course, he/ she might get placed at India's Best Tattoo Studio at Aliens Tattoo Studio, or on our recommendation, to any tattoo studio of your preference. 

Every Student Has A Success Story to tell! 

Siddhesh Gawde, student of our Complete Course in tattoo art, availed Loan for his course as he couldn't afford the entire amount. During his course, his sheer consistency got him many fruitful opportunities like a sponsored participation in Tattoo Festivals, a job at Aliens and much more. Today, Siddhesh is one of the artists at Aliens Tattoo and is the resident artist at Aliens Tattoo Pune.


Siddhesh Gawde, also, bagged a special place by winning the Dr. J.A. Kohiyar Memorial Award and participation at a Tattoo Convention in Vietnam.


Siddhesh's hard work and passion for tattoo art have clearly shown results with the vibrant array of awards. His constant endeavours towards brilliance always bring us pride and glory!


Saiyyam Patel - Student of Aliens Tattoo School with Founder & Mentor Sunny Bhanushali


Saiyyam, a Mumbai boy, who chose Art over any other thing has proven that the sky is the limit. He owned a tattoo studio prior to his training at Aliens but wasn't satisfied at all. But after his 6 months of training at Aliens Tattoo School, his work changed drastically.


His love for art drove him to Aliens Tattoo School and his efforts have taken him to newer heights today. 

He was really keen on polishing his skills and being the best, and after developing under Aliens, he’s grown into something that his trophies are proof of! Yes, that's right. Yet again!


Saiyyam bagged the first prize in the Best Color Tattoo category at India's Biggest Tattoo Festival. His back-to-back victory in a span of 3 months is just remarkable.


Piyush Kumar, one of the brightest students we have had so far, was a student for our Artist's Program. He was desperately in need of a good mentor and approached Aliens Tattoo School for the same.

After availing his loan and joining the course, he has never looked back again. He now owns his studio in Delhi and is doing great tattoos everyday. 


Piyush bagged an award when he represented Aliens Tattoo School in one of the recent tattoo conventions, the Neon Tattoo Festival 2020.


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