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Diljeet Singh, a resident of Pune was already a tattoo artist and needed to enhance his skills and learn advanced tattooing. He was struggling with tattooing for 4 years, he could barely do shading wok. He had tremendous complaints on his tattoo getting lighter after healing. He tried learning from local artists however could find drastic change in his work until he joined us.


Diljeet's portfolio has reached a whole new level after this program. He experienced tremendous improvement in his tattoo skills. His realism skills are enhanced unbelievably. And the progress is not just limited to tattoo skills, he explored some crucial and amazing tips to increase his business and have more happy and satisfied tattoo customers. Diljeet is now working towards growing his own studio in Pune. During his course, we took a chance to ask a few questions to Diljeet and know about his experience here at Aliens Tattoo School.

Here's a snippet of a small discussion that we did with Diljeet after he completed his complete course in tattoo art. We asked him to share a feedback just to understand how his experience was at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey and the difference he saw in his work after the course.

What made you choose art over every other stream?

~ Art makes me feel very comfortable. It’s my passion and it makes me feel happy. So instead of working for someone else and their targets, I’d rather work on myself where in I would do something that I love and grow.

Were you always an artist?

~ Yes. Since my dad is also an artist, I’ve been into colors, playing with charcoals and sketching on his canvas all my childhood. So in and out yeah, I was always into art.

What is your educational background?

~ I have done my graduation and post-graduation in IT. 

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~ They were very supportive! As my dad is an artist, they all know the value of art and they  support me because I am serious about it as a career.

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~ One of my friend is into tattoos. So while he got one, there was a short story that he told me about how it got ruined.  He thought that I could be a good tattoo artist and so suggested me to try tattooing as I already have interest in art. And that's when I gave it a serious thought.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~ Sunny Bhanushali, He has been a true inspiration to many like me. He thinks about this industry from heart, always plans for growth of all.  

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brought you here?

~ Well, I’ve been reading posts on Facebook and Instagram. I have also attended few workshops by Sunny Sir which really caught my interest. 

How is your overall experience at Aliens tattoo school?

~ Pretty pleasant. Friendly atmosphere. I didn’t feel that I was a student. I felt like I was also an artist at Aliens. The studio also had a very homely atmosphere. The content of this advance tattoo program was just perfect for me. The best part is, every single person here has expertise in one or the other thing and so you get to learn from everyone here. Mentors are humble and great. Sunny Bhanushali's teaching techniques are amazing, no time waste, to the point and precise and the best part, he has developed a system for training wherein every single person working with him is a mentor. Its a complete 360 Degree training system as what they call it.

Is it any different than what you expected? Were all your expectations met?

~ Since it was the first time for me that I was attending an art school, whatever was taught to me was up to the mark. In fact, more than what I expected, to be very honest. I had no idea how one can learn so much in so short time. But now I know! 

How confident are you about tattooing after finishing this course?

~ My confidence level has shot up like anything. I feel like a can give justice to any tattoo design now.

What are your plans after finishing the course?

~ Yes, I have to reach a lot of milestones. I am all set to do Big and Creative tattoos. I also have a goal to grow my studio like how Aliens are growing. It's pretty exciting from here on. I further plan to attend conventions and go for few competitions and see where I stand now.


Would you happily be tattooing all your life?

~ Yes, of course. With art I'll never get bored. I love tattooing and I can happily do it for the rest of my lives.


How much scope do you think tattooing has in India?

~ Scope for tattooing is increasing everyday. People have become open minded. There are a lot of people getting tattoos these days which makes the demand for artists really high.

Why should one choose to tattoo as a career? Please share your thoughts.

~ India being a very cultural country, everybody wants their kids to become a professional in IT or Medicine. But since world is growing so much in many other fields, now people are exploring new careers and encouraging their children to become a sportsperson or opt for any other career. They are opening up their mind. So people who are interested in art can definitely choose tattooing. Choosing tattooing as a career has a lot of scope and tattoo industry has grown too much since last 4-5 years. People are recognized around for their art. Talking about the money part there's a lot of money in tattooing. 

What were the struggles you faced while progressing  through the course?

~ Struggle was choosing the right course for me. Whether I should enrol for artist’s program course or the complete tattoo course was a confusion. And luckily, I showed my artwork to Sunny Sir and he mentioned that artist program would be better for me. He is the best judge I felt and chose the Advance Tattoo Program. Other struggle was to keep my studio shut for a month and to grow my business again from scratch. I had to do a lot of backlogs and manage the accounts. That was a struggle but that was just a temporary phase. Now that my art has developed so much everything was worth it.