Diploma in Tattoo Art

A career-oriented course in Tattoo Art that will equip you with basic to advance level Tattoo techniques. This is not just a Tattoo Course, it is a 360° training program designed to help aspiring artists like you make a promising career in Tattoo Art.

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What You Will Learn In This Course


Fundamentals of Drawing/Sketching

Focuses on importance of drawing/sketching in mastering tattoo art. Three weeks of intense drawing and sketching practice. Developing complex design using fundamentals of drawing.


Digital Art and


Fundamentals of Digital Art. Understanding the importance of acquiring knowledge and expertise in digital application to enhance your art skills and fasten the designing process


Basic to Advanced Tattoo Art

Learn from scratch the art of making flawless & immaculate tattoos. Gain in-depth knowledge of the step-by-step process that goes behind the execution of various types of tattoos. Become a maestro when it comes to all things tattoos.


Tattoo Practice on Real & Artificial Skin

Learn how to make vibrant color tattoos by understanding the different techniques required in making a watercolor tattoo. Practice on artificial & real skin to test yourself and understand what it takes to make world-class watercolor tattoos.


Online Portfolio Building(Web Design)

Every artist needs to have his own website. Learn how to create your own website and, at the same time, get the opportunity to build your own portfolio. Create your own brand online and become a recognized tattoo artist.


Live Tattoo


Students need to get up close and personal with an artist working on a tattoo to observe how quality tattoos are made. Watch award-winning tattoo artists live in action. Learn how they operate and execute jaw-dropping tattoos.


Full Sleeve/Large Tattoo Design

Learn how to create a masterpiece that spans the entire arm. Get an understanding of the entire process that goes behind the designing and execution of a full sleeve tattoo. Create stunning masterpieces by the end of this course.


Cover Up Tattoo Design & Conceptualisation

One of the hardest skills to master is the art of making Cover Up Tattoos. Learn how to conceptualize the tattoos based on the old tattoo and how it needs to be covered. Attend live sessions by masters performing tattoo cover ups.


Business Management & Marketing

Many students have aspirations of becoming independent tattoo artists or owning their own tattoo studio. The Business Management & Marketing course will prepare you before you step into the real world make you ready for the industry.

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Realism & Portrait Tattoos

Realistic and portrait tattoos have the highest value in the market, and artists who can execute these get to earn more than regular artists. Learn how realistic and portrait tattoos are designed and executed.


Who Should Opt For This Course?

If you are passionate about art and wish to make a successful career in the art industry, this Diploma in Tattoo Art is a great opportunity for you. Whether you are already an artist or have got no background in art, it doesn't matter, this Diploma Course can change your career. After finishing the course, you can open your own tattoo studio (or make your existing tattoo studio successful). You can also explore the campus placement and work with Aliens Tattoo across India. 

What Our Students Say About Us

I Struggled for 4 years with tattooing, I knew I had potential but needed right guidence, I finally found it here at Aliens

Diljeet Singh

Tattoo Artist

About Next Batch

March 2022


6 Hrs/Day

Mon -Sat

This Diploma in Tattoo Art is a 6 months career-oriented course. Every year, Aliens Tattoo Art School conducts 2 batches. 


The upcoming batch of this Diploma in Tattoo Art starts on 10th Aug 2021. If you wish to attend this batch, you must get in touch with us soon. 

Admissions for this batch will be closing on 31st July 2021. Talk to us if you have any questions.


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