Do you love your current job or career you have chosen?

Research shows that 1/3rd of your life is dedicated to work-life. It is of utmost importance that whatever you work as you should be happy and excited about it, you should be very passionate about it.

If you are dragging yourself every day to work unhappy, if you feel that you are drained everyday by work, if you are not enjoying the daily work, then you got to change the way things are. Internet studies show that people have landed on the wrong career path because of the fear of social acceptance and family pressure. It is only after a few months or years of working at a certain company they realize that they have chosen the wrong path. Are you one of them?

The long -term effect of unsatisfied work-life causes stress and frustration which results in stress-related diseases and habits, such as smoking, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Confucius once said that "if you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life". Confucius must have known then what science now confirms: Passion protects us physiologically, allowing us to work longer and harder than we would be able to toil away at a job we hate.

Aliens Tattoo School offers a great career option in one of the fastest-growing art industries across the globe. Scroll to watch how humongous the tattoo industry is and how exciting and creative and how much one can earn by becoming a part of this industry.

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Become a part of one of the fastest-growing art industry across the globe

Do you know how much a tattoo artist can earn?

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Why choose to become a tattoo artist?




There are tons of reasons to choose tattoo art as a career, however, I will mention a few important ones here. First of all, the tattoo art industry combined with cosmetic tattoo art is no small industry, it is worth 8 billion+ USD (trillions in Indian rupees), which means more income potential.






An average tattoo artist makes around 4000 USD (3.2 Lacs Indian Rupees) per month and a well-performing experienced tattoo artist makes around 15000 USD (10.5 Lacs Indian Rupees) per month, which is way more than average doctor and engineers make anywhere in the world.






Tattooing is one of those few professions which let you travel around the world and earn. You can have your leisure holiday while making few tattoos wherever you are and make big bucks.




It is one of the easiest art forms to learn within a relatively short period of time (Less than a year). That means you save years of bookworm study time and enormous energy. 






Its a career in art, there is nothing more liberating than to let your creative force flow. Tattooing is about sharing your art with others. It is literally the process of marking others body permanently with your art and creativity. It is a blessing where-in your art elevates human experience and beauty.

What more can you ask from life than this :)






People from across the globe will travel to get a tattoo from you, to get a piece of your life / art from you. You touch numerous lives through your art, you give memories to whoever connects with you. You get to travel and meet new people from all kinds of background, meet new artists, collaborate, share, give. There is true peace and fulfilling experience in giving others what they seek from you

We offer courses in tattoo art for all!

Complete Course in Tattoo Art


Full Time Career Course in Body Art and Cosmetic Tattooing

This course is career oriented  course in tattoo art, designed to make a Pro Tattoo Artist. To know more about this course please click the following button

Intermediate Course in Tattoo Art


Hobby / Side Income Course in Tattoo Art


This course is designed for people who wish to explore tattoo art as a hobby or learn it to get started with alternate / side income. To know more please visit the link below.

Basic Course in Tattoo Art


Introductory / Hobby Course in Tattoo Art


This starter tattoo course is designed for students and people who wish to explore tattoo art, to get started with it. Please visit the link to know more about it

Advance Course for Tattoo Artists


Full Time Career Course in Body Art and Cosmetic Tattooing

This course is career oriented  course in tattoo art, designed to make a Pro Tattoo Artist. To know more about this course please click the following button

"Tattoo Artists makes way more money than average computer experts, doctors and engineers"




From Animator to the world-renown Tattoo Artist

It’s his 4-year journey that transformed him into a Director of a company worth millions, yes, we’re talking about Allan Gois, once a College drop-out, who’s now one of the highest-paid tattoo artists in the Indian tattoo industry. His realistic tattoos have created a sensation in the industry. 


Fame, success, and contentment define his life today. There’s no limitation to art, and how it can transform you into a successful person is just insane. 


Today Allan Gois earns around 2.5 lakhs per month as the senior artist and director at Aliens Tattoo. 





From low-income struggler to a successful Tattoo Artist

Devendra Palav is now an artist by heart and soul. But was he always an artist? NO! 


Then what turned him into a full-time artist? 

Sheer Motivation and Accurate Guidance!


Within a matter of two years, Devendra has aced various genres of tattooing, has won awards in international tattoo conventions, has an exclusive demand for himself in the tattoo industry and has a bank balance worth lakhs.


His average monthly income is 65-70k for doing what he loves to do. He is just 24 years of age and leaping through success.





From Construction worker to the award-winning Tattoo Artist

Manohar’s journey proves how a man, with ambition, can change his fortune despite many setbacks in life. All he needed is the right guidance and support which he received from Aliens Tattoo School.


Starting his career at Moksha tattoos in Goa, little did he know what awaited him. He met Sunny Bhanushali who trained him and turned his story completely making him a part of Aliens Tattoo


Manohar has won many awards in international tattoo conventions, has developed an extraordinary portfolio and has successfully opened his own tattoo studio called Creative Worms in Mumbai making an approx monthly turnover of 5 Lacs plus.


Do you want to know more about it?

Who recognizes Aliens Tattoo School and why?




Aliens Tattoo School is recognized by the Government of India as the first start-up in its genre. There was a long need of a genuine tattoo education system across the nation and our training model was found to be the best by hundreds of students from all over the world.





This new exponentially growing industry needed a genuine tattoo education system. The old way of teaching and apprenticeship programs has failed for years. Old ways were developed to keep the art of tattooing within limited people for personal benefits. We didn't take the traditional approach, we combined human psychology, spiritual science, and art to develop our tattoo training system. It's a very scientific approach towards teaching tattoo art, one of the best tattoo education system on earth so far :)






Mentors at Aliens Tattoo School are no ordinary people, they are few of the top names in Indian Tattoo Industry. Most of them are award-winning artists and illustrators.


We not only talk about art but the 360° tattoo training which also involves training on sales, marketing, social media, etc from very experienced people in their respective fields.




Looking at the enormous progress of our students, a lot of international brands have shown immense support in our tattoo school.


Top brands like Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Eternal Inks, Dermalize Pro, Squidsters have sponsored Aliens Tattoo School and its students.






We don't follow a traditional way of teaching tattoo art, we rather take a very scientific approach towards teaching art. We have combined human psychology, creativity, and spiritual science to design all our courses.


Our approach is very mechanical yet very effective, it allows students to experience their true learning potential. We have become one of the World's most genuine tattoo learning platforms.






Aliens tattoo school understands the economy and the financial standing on an individual level to provide the best payment plan.


Through our inhouse loan system, we manage to convert the course fees into fixed EMIs (installments) to make it affordable to everyone.

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