I know the importance of the right guidance and the difference it makes in your journey of learning & Aliens tattoo school made quite a difference in my life. 

Gyan Inder, a resident of Punjab is only 19 years old who has finished his 12th grade a year ago. Having interest in art, he joined as an apprentice at a local tattoo studio, however didn't turn out to be as expected. He had a dream to become one of the top artist nationwide, and so, he started looking out for tattoo schools and tattoo training institutes.


Through research he found Aliens Tattoo School to be the most genuine of all. He also found our Complete Course in Tattoo Art to be the perfect fit for his dream to become a Pro Tattoo Artist. His love, dedication and passion for art leveraged his learning pace and became one of the youngest tattoo artist to debut international convention. His consistent above average performance helped him be one of the 5 top tattoo student who received Convention Sponsorship Programme. Gyan, at a very young age is learning to manage clients and business at Aliens tattoo School and soon will be ready to set up his own studio.

After he completed his complete course in tattoo art, we did a small group discussion with Gyan just to get a feedback and understand how was his experience at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey at Aliens Tattoo School.

What made you choose art over every other stream?

~ I wanted to do something creative that's why I chose tattooing because I feel that it's the best platform to fulfill my dream of becoming a well known artist. 

Were you always an artist?

~ No. I wasn't into art much. But it did interest me when I started college. I didn't do much drawing until I joined Aliens Tattoo School.

What is your educational background?

~ I finished my 12th grade and I am pursuing my graduation currently. 

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~ At first they didn't support me on choosing this field, but now they are fine with this as they have seen my progress and they know I am serious about making a career in it.

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~ Through a friend. He is a tattoo artist and seeing him work kind of inspired me . Also my interest in art made me feel even more certain about choosing it as a career.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~ Sunny Bhanushali and David Vega.

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brought you here?

~ I googled for the best tattoo institute in India and Aliens Tattoo School was on top. I further researched and saw Sunny Sir's work and inspired me so much that I didn't have to give a second thought. Everything was in place, their course structure also was pretty interesting. They had good reputation in the market, reviews were pretty good. Sunny Bhanushali is known for conducting workshops and helping new artists, his students were doing already great in tattoo industry.

How is your overall experience at Aliens tattoo school?

~  I felt like being with my family, very warm and friendly atmosphere. I learnt more than I expected. It was not only tattoo learning here, it changed me from inside out. I have learnt lot of business, customer relationship, teamwork etc. Sunny Sir's lectures on self motivations and setting up goals changed my perspective completely. I am at much better position now, and have a clear vision about what I want to do next.

Is it any different than what you expected? Were all your expectations met?

~ I learned a lot more than I had expected till now and I am still learning and I know Aliens will keep surprising me till I am here.

How confident are you about tattooing after finishing this course?

~ I feel like I can give life to any tattoo hence forth since my realism skills have escalated like anything.

What are your plans after finishing the course?

~ After finishing this I will keep practicing and do lot of creative tattoos and implement all that I have learnt .

Would you happily be tattooing all your life?

~ Yes, of course. 

How much scope do you think tattooing has in India?

~ As far as it comes to tattoo industry, it is growing and there seems to be a huge scope in this field. 

Why should one choose to tattoo as a career? Please share your thoughts.

~ I always wanted to do something creative in my life and I didn't want to stick in between 9 to 5 job so I see this field is a best place to fulfill my creative dreams .


What were the struggles you faced while progressing  through the course?

~ Before joining Tattoo School I had financial issues, convincing my family was also difficult. But it was just a phase, now that everything has fallen in place it was all worth it.