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Advanced Course

A 90% Online & 10% Offline Tattoo training program 

by Aliens Tattoo Art School

Are you struggling to find time to upgrade your tattoo skills while managing your tattoo business? Do you crave personal guidance and mentorship from award winning artists?

Look no further! Introducing Aliens Tattoo School's Hybrid Advanced Course, a unique program designed for aspiring tattoo artists like you.

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  • Starts with a workshop on science of mind, body and soul which will develop your mindset to be successful and fast learner.

  • Basics to advanced tattoo art.

  • Butter soft shading technique.

  • 3 Layer texturing for realism and hyper-realism such as realistic hair and beard, animal fur, realistic skin and various material textures.

  • Advanced portrait tattoos like human portraits, animal portraits.

  • Advanced stencilling for large tattoos like full sleeves and full back tattoos.

  • Digital art to improve your designing skills and take it to the next level.

  • Marketing and Sales.

  • Business growth hacks for tattoo studio.


  • 90% of the training will happen online through pre-recorded videos and live meeting/lectures.

  • 10% lecture will be at the school (2 days every month).

  • In-depth demonstration videos of every topic - You can watch the videos unlimited times till you understand the lecture, also you can discuss about your questions and doubts on discussion board. During these demonstrations, students will be able to watch as the instructor explains and showcases the proper techniques for each topic. These demonstrations will provide a visual and practical understanding of the skills required to succeed as a professional tattoo artist.

  • Fortnightly live meetings with the mentors - Mentor will be conducting live meetings with students every two weeks. These meetings will provide an opportunity for students to receive personalized feedback and guidance on their progress in the course.


Certified Course

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion, attesting to their proficiency in the topics covered.

Easy to use online learning platform

  • Access online program from anywhere, anytime, any device.

  • High quality in-depth HD videos.

  • Personal assessment and progress tracking.

  • Discussion board to discuss doubts, questions etc.

  • Life time access to the online videos.

  • Flexible payment options.


Access to Aliens Community

Through the community forum, students will be able to connect with fellow students and alumni, share their work, and receive feedback and support from the broader community. In addition, the forum will provide a direct line of communication with the instructor, allowing students to ask questions and receive personalized guidance even after completing the course.

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About Aliens Tattoo Art School

Aliens Tattoo Art School is the first ever tattoo school that has built career oriented tattoo courses to help aspiring artists through their journey of becoming a pro tattoo artist. 

Aliens Tattoo Art School has had more than 10000 learners across platforms and is now re-launching its online platform with comprehensive tattoo courses.


Finding the right tattoo school was a daunting task to say the least. Aliens Tattoo Art School provided everything I needed and more to continue my journey as a Tattoo artist. It was affordable, very thorough and an all around great atmosphere. All the mentors are extremely professional and also very relaxed and friendly. I had a great experience at Aliens Tattoo Art School and am thankful I was given the opportunity to experience it surrounded by such caring people.”I can proudly say am made in aliens ❤

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