This course is the career oriented course in tattoo art. It will equip you with basics to advance level of tattoo techniques.By the end of the course will be all set to do intermediate to advance level tattoos.

This course is designed to mould you such that you can readily work with any tattoo studio or tattoo artist. We will help you built basic tattoo portfolio while you are in training which will help you use it when you approach any studio or tattoo artist for job. You can also start off as a freelancer after this course.

However if you are looking to open your own studio or you have a goal to become a renown tattoo artist or travel around the world as a tattoo artist then you need to explore our another course, complete course in tattoo art


Focuses on importance of drawing/sketching in mastering tattoo art. Two weeks of intense drawing and sketching practice. Developing complex design using fundamentals of drawing. Focuses on Photo realism sketching, perspectives, live sketching, composition, etc.

History of tattoo art, understanding of current tattoo scene around the globe. The new age career and its future prospects

Fundamental understanding if skin, anatomy of human body. Importance of understanding the flow of the body for better designing. Understanding of mechanism of tattoo process, how it works etc.

Introduction to tattoo equipment and the tattoo process. In-depth knowledge of various tattoo machines and their respective mechanism. Introduction to needles and cartridges and understanding the taxonomy of it. In-depth knowledge about tattoo needles and cartridges.

Focuses on basic to advance level of stenciling. Practical application of stencils on various body parts. Use of traditional style of stencilling. Exploring thermal printers and digital stencilling techniques. Creating readable complex stencils of photo-realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos.

Tattoo practice on synthetic skin, Blackwork, Lining and Filling basic techniques. Use of various machines to understand each type. Tattooing various geometric shapes, progressing to dot work and complex geometric tattoos on synthetic skin

Basics of shading, exploring various shading techniques. Practice on synthetic skin.

Weekly 2 or more observation sessions, you will get to see the actual process of tattooing. These sessions are interactive. You will observe senior artists working on intermediate to advance level tattoos.

Practice whatever you have learnt from observation sessions. Implement learnt techniques in your daily practice sessions,

Understanding of photo-realism, portrait tattoo practice on synthetic skin. Learn realism texturing techniques and the best practices to implement it.

Understanding of photo-realism, portrait tattoo practice on synthetic skin. Learn realism texturing techniques and the best practices to implement it.

Importance of hygiene and best its practices. Focuses on complete hygiene process one must follow as per laws of government.

Final 2 weeks will consist of tattooing on real skin, You will work on 3 to 5 tattoos on real skin. Each tattoo will be progressively difficult. After each tattoo we will analyse your progress and based on that we will grade you.


This is the most important question one must ask before getting into tattooing. Intermediate course is for the people who wishes to opt tattoo art as a career option. If you wish to have fun exploring this art form, take it as a hobby like few people learn pottery, craft etc in spare time, then you need to explore our Basic Course in Tattoo Art. This course is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and information you will need to do intermediate to advance level tattoos on real skin, real people. After this course you will be ready to work with any tattoo studio or start as a freelancer.


If you are looking to open up a tattoo studio and compete the market then this is not the right course for you, then you need to explore our Complete Course in Tattoo Art. To open your own tattoo studio you need knowledge about business and understand more about money management, online marketing, customer service etc. which is beyond the scope of this course. For that you need to go for Complete Course in Tattoo Art.


We get lots of people who think that they will learn basics of tattoo art and start making money, they wish to spend the least time and money to learn how to use the tattoo machine and other equipment and get on the seat and become self-proclaimed tattoo artist. Do not get trapped in this idea. Tattooing is vast, its all about art and creativity, its about people's lives who trust you for the best. It comes with serious responsibilities.


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COST OF THE INTERMEDIATE COURSE : 2,00,000 INR ( Including 18% GST )