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This program will help you learn basic to advance level tattoo techniques, it will elevate your tattoo art skills and help you become a real good pro-level tattoo artist. We are giving away FREE TATTOO TUTORIAL to help you get started, Please fill out the following form to receive the download link.


Online tattoo learning program is must for every aspiring tattoo artist who envision self to become one of the top pro-level tattoo artist.This program focuses on teaching basic to advance level tattoo techniqueswhich will elevate your level of art skills for better. 


My name is Sunny Bhanushali, founder of this program (Learn it like Aliens) and ALIENS TATTOO, one of the top tattoo studio in India and ALIENS TATTOO SCHOOL. I am a self taught tattoo artist. My work on realism is recognised globally. In less than 8 years I went from nothing to be featured on cover page of the London’s top tattoo Magazine, Total Tattoo. I have won many Awards in International conventions, I have been travelling around the world as tattoo artist. With my success as tattoo artist I realised the need to help aspiring artist who seek genuine tattoo learning platform.


Back in the days, when I was struggling to find the right source for learning tattoo art, I couldn’t find anyone to help me out with it. Few things worked for me are tattoo books and online tattoo DVDs. Though it was hard to get them in India, but I managed to get them somehow and started my journey in tattooing. I kept referring to DVDs before every tattoo I did. As I got better and successful as tattoo artist I was appreciated and approached by people and artists from around the world. They wished to learn from me, however it was impossible for me to teach as the distance was the issues. I started helping them through email and small quick videos, and in no time it was hard to respond to so many queries at once.


So I decided to built this program to teach you tattoo art through online tutorials. Me and my team have plans to put 2-3 videos monthly, having at lest 200 videos by 2019 which will cover every aspect of tattoo art. This program will give you an option to BUY videos or SUBSCRIBE to channel. Subscription will be monthly charged with no commitments, so you can opt out anytime you want. 


Apart from tattoo techniques and best practices, we also plan to come up with tutorials which will be focused on DIGITAL ART. We will cover applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook etc. Few videos will focus on use of technologies like iPads, Wacoms etc to make you tattooing process simple, easy and better.

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