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Become a Pro Tattoo Artist

Does your family / friends think that a career in tattoo art is shady and unstable?

Tattoo Industry is one of the fastest growing art industry across the globe. Our recent studies (through Facebook Audience Analytics) show that there are more than 4 Million people across the globe who are interested in getting a tattoo, where as, there are just about 200 thousand tattoo artist across the globe. If I were to consider only good tattoo artists then the number will be handful.

There is no way that current number of tattoo artists can fulfil todays demand of tattoos. And this demand is ever increasing. Look around you, almost every sixth person seems to have some tattoo on him. Thats crazy!

A good skilful tattoo artist earns way more than the average standard of any art industry, I can also extend myself to say that may be tattoo artists make way more than most of the engineers and doctors (careers which seem to be known for high earning potential)

Can you become a tattoo artist?

We believe that

"Anyone can become a tattoo artist, one just needs to have enough love and passion for art." 


What it means is that you should have some interest in art. You don't have to be great at drawing and sketching. If you feel that you got a good design taste, you have a great taste in fashion, you appreciate various forms of art, you are fascinated by the very thought of becoming an artist, then, you have the potential to be a tattoo artist.

Mostly people think that drawing is an art, thats not true. Drawing and sketching is just the technical part of it, it can be learnt through guidance and practice, however art cannot be learnt. It flow through you and realises on any medium like paper, colours, tattoo etc. We believe that

"Every creature on earth is an artist"

Art and creativity is already flowing through you all the time, consciously or unconsciously. You just have to learn the techniques which require right mentor, time and practice. 

There is much more to be a tattoo artist than just making money!

Tattooing is about sharing your art with others. It is literally the process of marking others body permanently with your art and creativity. It is a blessing where-in your art elevates human experience and beauty. What more can you ask from life than this :)

People from across the globe will travel to get a tattoo from you, to get a piece of your life / art from you. You touch numerous lives through your art, you give memories to whoever connects with you. You get to meet new people from all kinds of background, meet new artists, collaborate, share, give. There is true peace and fulfilling experience in giving others what they seek from you.

Do you want to know more about making a career in tattoo art?

Aliens team will be honoured to help you with your doubts and queries. We would love to speak to you about it. We are also offering Free Consultation at Aliens Tattoo School. Its a walk-through of our school. You will get to see the entire process of teaching and the workflow of our tattoo courses. You can also talk to our team of Mentors and know about the journeys into tattooing. You will be able to talk to our students and know about the feedback on how good are we doing in term of teaching :)

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