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from a Makeup artist to Tattoo artist





My work is making me famous day by day. I am beating the competition with ease, thanks to proper teaching by the Aliens art school. It is the best investment I have ever made.

After Nirjala finished her Complete Course in tattooing, we had a word with her about her journey with Aliens. Being a woman from a small town, this is how she managed to break stereotypes and achieve a better life both career wise and money wise. A short interview with her gives us an insight into her struggles 


What kind of business do you run?

~ I had a beauty salon in Nanded, Maharashtra for 5 years. Now, I have a beauty salon-cum-tattoo studio.  

What was it like before you learned tattoo art?

~ I learned Makeup art but my interests were for tattoo art as well, but due to my parent’s pressure, I learned just make-up and started my career as a beautician. My income was pretty average as I was the single earning member in my family, so everyone was depended on me & my earning was just enough to handle household expenses, salaries of employees of my salon, and some small savings. 

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with learning tattoo art?

~ My major problem was work satisfaction and income growth. In those 5 years, I didn’t see much growth in my income and career. I wanted to learn tattoo art to start tattooing along with my salon business to bring in work satisfaction and growth in my income. I knew that Beauty salon with a tattoo studio is the best combination to grow.

Where did you start your search?

~ I searched many studios to learn to tattoo. I attempted reaching out three times to three different studio owners but they were not good in terms of proper knowledge sharing, teaching skills, professional assistance from the studio owners/receptionist. Then I searched in Google about Best tattoo school. I found Aliens Tattoo School and called on the number for consultation. They understood my problems, my challenges, and treated me with respect and explained to me the best suitable course for me which was a Complete course in tattooing. Then, I made a firm decision - whether the fees are out of my budget, I will enroll and learn from this school only. As I remember, I called in 10 days from the starting date of the Feb 2019 batch. 

What made Aliens Tattoo School different from other options?

~ The first response, genuine answers & excellent support from Aliens Tattoo School team. Akash helped me with fees by giving me flexible payment options. Helping me with accommodation as well and giving me assurance that I can become a tattoo artist by showing me tattoo works of previous students who just knew how to draw but were not very good at it. I was also not very much good at it either!


What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from enrolling in school?

~ There were three obstacles, first was Society pressure that a lady should not become a tattoo artist, it is not reputable for a lady/homemaker. Second, love towards My young boy. Third, Finance.

What features did you like about the Aliens tattoo school? 

~ Many aspects like the Course curriculum design, Award-Winning Artists as Mentors. The course is designed in a way to keep you in a flow. You gain knowledge about machines, needles, skin. It is not just tattooing you learn, you learn many things which helps you in becoming a successful artist. 

Why did you choose to learn tattoo art? 

~ I knew that I liked art/drawing. I knew offering tattoo service in my salon business will help me boost my business, start a new income source, give me work satisfaction, and a new client base along with recognition. I knew that I would be the only female tattoo artist in Nanded. 

What have you been able to achieve since you learned tattoo art from here? 

~ First of all self-satisfaction. Within 6 months my income has nearly doubled and sometimes tripled! I think in a year I will be able to reach up to 1lac a month. My work is making me famous day by day. I am beating the competition with ease thanks to proper teaching by Aliens Art School. I am getting a lot of clients and referrals for both my businesses.

What's the main reason you recommend Aliens Tattoo School? 

~ Aliens Tattoo School is like a family. School and mentors support in every situation. I had an accident and injured my leg when I was in the middle of a course, they helped me with my delays in course. I had to call my son to be with me to help me with walking. Due to many hours spent in school, I was also missing him. They were nice enough to allow him to accompany me and he stayed with me through the end of my course. He got so excited looking at my progress in the course and now even he wants to become a tattoo artist. About course and mentors, they know how to transform you into a tattoo artist, you just have to give your time and focus and follow what they teach regularly. 

What would you tell other Salon owners, beauticians, and Housewives who's considering this profession?

~ To Housewives, don’t listen to the society they will scare you so that you don’t become successful. You have time to give, just organize and give your time to learn tattoo art. After becoming a tattoo artist everyone who was talking against you joining the school will be the first one interested in your work and they will be shocked to see how beautifully you perform. To Salon owners and Beauticians, learn this art and you will never regret it. Your clientele will double. You don’t know that there are a large number of potential clients waiting to get tattooed. It is an easy income with less expense.