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Mumbai, India / 2019

Saiyam Patel

Saiyam was an engineering student who chose art over everything else.

Around 2012, he was pursuing a Diploma in Civil Engineering and drawing as a hobby. His drawings & sketches were so good that his friend suggested he try his hand at tattooing. Now tattooing was something that he had never imagined himself doing. But the idea of it seemed fascinating. He started looking for inspiration and came across Sunny Bhanushali and Aliens' work. He would see their time-lapse videos on youtube. He loved them so much that he decided to go for it. So in 2014, he arranged funds and set up his first tattoo studio. The studio was so small that it could only accommodate 2 people at a time. He started tattooing, but something felt incomplete. He realized that there was a lot that he needed to learn about tattoo machines, different types of skin, and the other basics of tattooing. At that time, he used to tattoo without stenciling. Instead, he would draw the design on the skin with a pen and tattoo over it, resulting in low-quality tattoos. He could feel that his dream was about to end as soon as it began. He got frustrated to the point where he had decided to give up on his tattoo career.

"I was so frustrated that I thought I should drop the plan. But after some time, I started thinking. I cannot do this, but there has to be someone who can." 

He happened to meet Sunny and realized he was ready to teach him. This wave of inspiration got him back to his love for tattoo art. After pondering over the fee, he somehow managed to accumulate the money and sorted his admission. After 6 months of training at Aliens Tattoo School, his work changed drastically. 


"My work improved. I could see my mistakes. What I was doing wrong earlier and how to avoid that. I used the knowledge I acquired at Aliens to practice at my studio. I could see the difference in my work."


His journey after that speaks for itself, with his achievements like the Best Color Tattoo, Best Freehand Calligraphy Tattoo, Best Collaboration Tattoo, Best of the Day 1, Best of the Day 2, 3rd prize in cartoon tattoos, and 3rd place in large tattoos categories at the Ink Me tattoo convention. 


His love for art drove him to Aliens Tattoo School, and his efforts have taken him to newer heights today. He was really keen on polishing his skills and being the best, and after developing under Aliens, he's grown into something that his trophies are proof of! His back-to-back victory in a span of 3 months is just remarkable. 


"I owned a studio but never felt confident until I took full-time training from Aliens. It all began there, and I feel I'm unstoppable now! And it's not just about tattoos. I've attended many lectures by Sunny Sir where he shares his life experiences, and these lessons have been a valuable addition to my life."


Soon after he finished his course, he had new targets to achieve. He relocated and launched a bigger and better studio at a prime location in Malad, Mumbai. 

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