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My turning point arrived when Sunny Sir guided mindset control...

Siddhesh had chosen Engineering as his education, but soon after he completed his Diploma, he realized the technical field wasn’t his calling. Siddhesh had a strong inclination towards art and this drove him into learning graphic designing and he soon took up a job in the same field. Soon after his joining, he realized the graphic designing field didn’t really give him any creative freedom and let alone any credit for his work. As the journey was futile and the work that he did was not really creatively independent, he took a decision to find what he was looking for.


After some deliberation, he got to a point where he wanted to pursue tattoo art as the final frontier. Now, the question was, ‘How do I create a unique perspective for my art?’. This led him to surf online for creative ways of putting up his dominant art-skills – sketching and drawing. The tiring job in a so-called creative field made him take a conscious decision for taking up tattoo art.