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my focus and sunny sir's inputs transformed me completely. while my talent which felt blunt earlier has today become razor sharp.

From a small cabin, 30 kms away from Chandigarh, to a full blown studio in proper city. This is my journey, in my own words.

I am Vikas Saini, a professional tattooist in the real sense. However, until the beginning of 2019.

I was just a small time budding artist who did small tattoos and that too flawed ones. Weeks into business I realized that like any other profession, body art or tattooing also demanded the right qualification and training,

However, there was a catch. I couldn't afford any training or course fees.

I was a bit depressed in the beginning but it didn't really force me to change my plans. I spent the following weeks researching, and finally made a list to tattoo schools in and around North India. On further digging I realized that these schools lacked depth. Even the work of their students was below par. The point I am trying to make is that i wanted to learn from a learned man and not someone who tattooed just for the sake of it.

And then one fine day I landed on a YouTube page of Sunny Bhanushali. I checked out his work. It simply stunned me. I dug deeper into his profile and even checked the work of some of his students. They were amazing. A perfect reflection of a master teacher. My decision was made. I had to learn from this man, a tattooist whose work screamed of unbelievable talent.

The journey was difficult as I had to borrow funds for the course. If that was not enough I also had to shift to Mumbai for nearly four months. In the end I did manage to collect the funds for the course. The time I spent in Aliens Tattoo School passed by quickly. Each day turned out to be better than the previous one and knowledge flowed like an untamed waterfall. I collected this rushing flow of knowledge as much as I could. My focus and Sunny Sir's inputs transformed me completely. While my talent which felt blunt earlier has today become razor sharp.

The tattoos that I created in the last few days of my course not only provided me that profound confidence but instilled in me the spirit of adventurism. I felt I could accept any challenge, any design.

In the end everything was worth it... the absence of my daughter and the constant companionship of my wife. Today, when I look at the signboard "Eterno Tattooz" I feel proud, and at the same time words slip out of my lips.

'Thank you", I say.