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I felt quite depressed working in a job for 12 hours a day in which I had no passion for. Somehow, I finally gathered some courage to ask my parents to pursue my passion to become a tattoo artist, before they would get me into an MBA (which also requires a good amount of capital). 

Meet Aurobindo, He was totally into arts from the beginning, to be more specific you can say from 1st class itself. Even when he was in school, he was lucky enough to draw during the school timings and that too, while sitting on the first bench, whereas others would have to write. Anyhow, he thought he had to be in the rat race to keep going in life. Since his childhood, he was deeply fascinated with people getting tattooed. Coming from a civil engineering background, He also had to study civil engineering, and shortly after completing graduation, He started working in a construction company. He felt quite depressed working in a job for 12 hours a day in which he had no passion for. Somehow, He finally gathered some courage to ask his parents to pursue his passion to become a tattoo artist, before they would get him into an MBA (which also requires a good amount of capital). To open his path to becoming a tattoo artist He started his journey with graphic designing and then worked in an interior designing firm to build his parent’s trust. And after some research, He found Aliens Tattoo and the rest is history.

After he completed his complete course in tattoo art, we did a small group discussion with Aurobindo just to get feedback and understand how was his experience at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey 

What made you choose art over every other stream?

I was truly passionate about arts and music since school days, I felt like I was naturally drawn towards it, and creating art seemed timeless to me.

Were you always an artist?

I started drawing and sketching at the age of 7-8 years.

What is your educational background?

I have a background in B.Tech civil engineering, as I was not interested in it, I was looking for something different and then I enrolled myself for a graphic designing course at MAAC institute.

Did your family support you to follow your passion?

Initially, they didn’t support me but when I told them that I am really passionate about tattooing and I’m on the right path, then,  they supported me.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

With no doubt, Sunny Bhanushali.

What brings you to Aliens Tattoo School?

I was in search of one of the best tattoo studios in India and hence found one on google.

How was your experience at Aliens Tattoo School?

It was an eye-opening experience for me. It carved me towards great art, advanced tattooing, spirituality as well as work ethics. The lectures were incredible and even used to stay late at night at the studio to learn more with the artist.

What were your expectations regarding the course? Did it meet your expectations?

I started from scratch. I didn’t even know how to carry the coil machine, it was mind-opening. It was more than I expected.

Did you face any struggles while progressing through the course?

I felt like I was the only one who took 6 months to complete the course. People knew more than me and were performing better and I felt behind them. I was confused that I could make it, but sunny sir and my batch mates were very supportive and he guided me well throughout the course.

What were you doing before joining this course?

I was working in a graphic designing firm. It was related to interior designing, but my dream was to become a tattoo artist.

What are your plans after finishing the course?

To implement practically whatever I learned. I got an offer for a job in a tattoo studio in Noida with the help of my friend who was already an artist there. But my dream is to join Aliens Tattoo.

How much scope does a tattoo artist have in India?

It is a luxurious art, there is much scope in the tattoo industry. It’s a great job.

How confident are you about tattooing after finishing the course?

1000% confident.

I can execute any tattoo designs now.

Would you be happily tattooing your whole life?

Yes, Definitely.


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