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A 19 year old becomes pro tattoo artist 





I was very lucky to find the right mentors that led me till here! 

Lavesh Kakde, a nineteen year old is all set to make a career in tattoo art. Lavesh started his journey in tattooing quite early but had disappointing experiences in learning before joining Aliens. He tried learning tattooing immediately after finishing SSC. Dedicating all his time to it, he was hunting for the right mentors to teach him from scratch. His research led him to us and his work dramatically changed during his course. While he was finishing the Complete Tattoo Course he did some mesmerizing tattoos on real skin. On proving his talent and dedication, Aliens Tattoo School sponsored him a participation in one of the biggest tattoo conventions, the Inksoul Tattoo Festival. Lavesh is now working at Al's, one of the oldest and popular tattoo studio's in Mumbai. He is certainly gonna be one of the fastest emerging artists in the tattoo industry. 

After he completed his complete course in tattoo art, we did a small group discussion with Lavesh just to get a feedback and understand how was his experience at Aliens Tattoo School. Following is the brief conversation we had about his experience and journey from the beginning to becoming an advanced tattoo artist.

What made you choose art over every other stream?

~ I was always inclined towards art since childhood. I found tattooing a great medium to pursue art as a career and now that I have, I feel I can do it happily for as many hours as I have to. Hence, I chose it as my full time source of income.

Were you always an artist?

~ Not really. I can say I loved art and was too curious about all of it's forms. But never really practiced it much. Just used to sketch a little bit out of interest.

What is your educational background?

~ Well, I am still a student and have finished my SSC till date. 

How does your family respond to this choice of yours?

~ My mom has been very supportive. However, other relatives weren't really supporting initially. Now that I have completed the Advance tattoo course seriously, they all believe in me.

How did you come across tattooing and what made you choose it?

~ Being an art lover I used to be interested in a lot of artistic things. I was learning air brush painting from somewhere and met a tattoo artist there. The idea of being a tattoo artist really inspired me and I started my research on it. When I got to know more about the industry and the pace at which it was growing, I decided to choose it.

Who’s your greatest inspiration in the tattoo industry?

~ There are many. My immediate mentors Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois are my greatest inspiration. Globally, Steve Butcher.

How did you come to know about Aliens Tattoo school? What brought you here?

~ Aliens Tattoo School is pretty famous for their level of training and culture. When I got into tattooing I started following them and saw everyone's work from Aliens. The talent that comes out of Aliens School is just Amazing. That's what made me choose it.

How is your overall experience at Aliens tattoo school?

~ It was amazing. People here are helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is crazy. Overall it was really great. 

Is it any different than what you expected? Were all your expectations met?

~ It was way more than what I expected. I joined a tattoo artist earlier too to learn under him. However, that didn't quite help. There was so much more I had to learn. And when I enrolled with Aliens, It was just way more than what I had imagined. It's not just tattooing that they teach. There's a lot more like business management and client handling that I learned from there. Great Culture indeed!


How confident are you about tattooing after finishing this course?

~ I am very confident about my tattooing skills now. I am pretty sure that every tattoo I do is gonna teach me something new and I'll execute all the techniques learned during my course in all the tattoos. I can now take up even challenging tattoos and be able to give justice to them.

What are your plans now after finishing the course?

~ After finishing my course, I was looking for a job at a tattoo studio. I showed my portfolio and got hired by Al's in Bandra, one of the oldest tattoo studios in Mumbai.


Would you happily be tattooing all your life?

~ Yes, I love doing it and I'll do it happily for the rest of my life.


How much scope do you think tattooing has in India?

~ There is a lot of demand for good artists in India. It depends on every individual how dedicated they are to their work and how they sustain in the industry by constantly upgrading their skills.

Why should one choose to tattoo as a career? Please share your thoughts.

~ Tattooing is unique and it is something that allows freedom and has a lot of potential in India. One should consider tattooing as a career if art interests them and if they think they can pursue it seriously and not just like a hobby. 


What were the struggles you faced while progressing  through the course?

~ There were no struggles as such. I got strong support from my mom and since I am quite young I didn't have much things to worry about.