Why there is a need for Genuine Tattoo Education System


How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Apprentice or Tattoo School?

Gone are those days when people had no other option than to choose to be an apprentice at tattoo studio or to the tattoo artist. I was in London for some time, also in Denmark for a few months, working as a guest artist. I witnessed some horrible treatments with the apprentices. They are not paid for the service they provide, they clean the studios, washrooms, toilets, etc every day. They are the helpers to the main artists, setting up their stations, cleaning it, taking care of auto-clave and stuff, which is said to be a part of the learning process - Bull Shit!


It takes less than a week to learn that part, what about real tattooing. There is no proper training given to these people. There is no structured course for them. They don't have much time to practice the art. They don't get to use the studio equipment as it is expensive and it is for commercial purpose. They have to bring their own material if they want to practice - That's Cheap!


There are some amazing artists (I respect them a lot) who have really taken care of their apprentices and made them successful, but they are really a handful. Cost of the workforce in Europe and USA is expensive, so the easy way to find helper is to promote apprenticeship programs and bring people in to work for free. Do you want to become a tattoo apprentice? I bet not!


A genuine Tattoo School provides tattoo courses which are completely opposite to the apprenticeship program in terms of teaching methods. Tattoo Schools and Tattoo Training Institutes develops the tattoo courses in such a way that it is easy and simple to understand and learn. It takes way more responsibility to make sure every student performs at his/her best. 


Students pay the fees and the obligation is on the school to make sure the teaching is happening efficiently, which is, other-way in tattoo apprentice case, where the apprentice is in pressure and obligation.


Aliens Tattoo School realised the need for a genuine Tattoo Education System which helped, eventually, the best 360° Complete Tattoo Course for all. We have a very structured Scientific Way of teaching Tattoo Art which works!


Can you become a tattoo artist?

We believe that

"Anyone can become a tattoo artist, one just needs to have enough love and passion for art." 


What it means is that you should have some interest in art. You don't have to be great at drawing and sketching. If you feel that you got a good design taste, you have a great taste in fashion, you appreciate various forms of art, you are fascinated by the very thought of becoming an artist, then, you have the potential to be a tattoo artist.

Mostly people think that drawing is an art, thats not true. Drawing and sketching is just the technical part of it, it can be learnt through guidance and practice, however art cannot be learnt. It flow through you and realises on any medium like paper, colours, tattoo etc. We believe that

"Every creature on earth is an artist"

Art and creativity is already flowing through you all the time, consciously or unconsciously. You just have to learn the techniques which require right mentor, time and practice. 

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