FROM UNDERDOG to an award winning artist

Pawandeep Singh proved to be a very fast and dedicated learner. All he needed was a right mentor because he lacked the foundation and techniques of advanced tattooing. Within his one month of rigorous tattoo training, he made three large realistic tattoos which were astonishing and a big leap in his tattooing career. 


His progress was so remarkable that he was officially sponsored at the Biggest Tattoo Convention in India, The Heartwork Tattoo Festival as a student of Aliens Tattoo School by a recently introduced student oriented program - Sponsorship Program. And that wasn't just a participation. Pawandeep gave that opportunity complete justice by bagging an award for Best Portrait Tattoo which is a big thing to achieve and is definitely not easy even for artists who have spent more than 5 years in the industry.

People say everything falls into place, but we believe that is not the case every time. One of our students who’s now pursuing his career as a full fledged tattoo artist, MADE everything fall into place all by himself. 


Tennis Ramkete, was always into art and designing and had his raw talent for art supporting him since day 1. He took his tattoo training from a tattoo artist and started his own studio. However, even after 2 years he wasn't satisfied with his work and wanted to learn more. His research brought him to Aliens Tattoo School. Finishing his Artist's Program of 1 month improved his art drastically.


This was proven by Tennis with his victory in Bhopal Tattoo Convention 2019. He bagged 3 huge awards for Best of the Day, Best Small B&G Tattoo and Best Oriental Tattoo.  



FROM UNDERDOG to an award winning artist


Artist's Program is a program specially framed for tattoo artists who are already in the industry, even own a studio but wish to learn and explore beyond.


The Artist Program helps tattoo artists to take a step further, master new styles, step out of their comfort zones and reach new milestones. Most importantly it gives artists a chance to learn from professionals who ace in specific areas and to find their way to the top. 

This course will focus on intermediate to advance level tattoo techniques which will take your tattoo skills to next level.