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FROM ima (army) applicant to artist at Aliens Tattoo





There is an expression from a popular Bollywood movie which goes like this “If you seek something from your heart, then the whole universe conspires to make that wish, that dream come true”. I guess, the same happened to me.

From a very young age I was inspired by arts. Even today I remember a childhood incident associated with this fascination. I was watching discovery channel, and the program revolved around tattoos and tattooing industry. The sight of these amazing creations stupefied me. I was so captivated that I decided in that very instant that one day I will become a Tattoo artist. However, somewhere down the line I forgot my love for the creative world and my own promise. After I finished 12th, I applied for IMA, short for Indian Military Academy. I was euphoric when I got a call letter. What turned me even more happier was my mother’s consent. However, when I showed the letter to my dad he seemed a little perturbed.


“Son, we are creative individuals,” he began. “You love drawing, sketching… you should pursue a path which complements your talent and your skills.” This statement turned me thoughtful. It made absolute sense. In fact I had never thought that choosing art as my profession was an option at all. Overnight my plans changed. I put this new career perspective on fast track. It pushed me towards colleges which offered courses in Fine Arts. And very soon I was a part of one such educational institute.


It was here that I recollected the promise that I once made to myself. Since that day my thoughts invariably echoed just one word “Tattoo”. The seed which was sown a decade ago had now found the resource to bloom. My passion was quickly rewarded. During one of the college funfairs a local tattoo studio put up an advertisement for a trainee artist. The only condition was that the respondent should be associated with fine arts. My application was quickly accepted, and for the next 8 to 10 days I absorbed the art of tattooing. Once again I was euphoric. Some of the tattoos on my body are self made. However, after passing out from the college I realised that my knowledge and craftsmanship vis-à-vis tattooing was blunt. It lacked clarity.


The journey had begun, but the path to achieve that sparkling end was not in sight. I visited several tattoo studios, tried to horn my skills, but it made little difference. And then one day, while surfing internet, I came across a name, “Sunny Bhanushali”. 


I was in awe with his work. I wanted to be like him. He became my goal and my inspiration. Even the cosmic forces joined me. Digging deeper into his profile I learnt that Sunny Sir operated a Tattoo Learning School in Mumbai. I decided I had to enrol and fetch that missing element for my creative arsenal. However, it was not so easy. Finance turned out to be the biggest stumble block.


I visited Aliens Tattoo website frequently, and every time, I failed to hit the submit button after filling up the details. It went on for months. I simply didn’t have the guts to generate funds for the course.


Once again destiny intervened. I met Sunny Sir in Pune convention. It was here that my life changed forever. I believe Sunny Sir is not just an outstanding tattooist but a superlative guide. He said something, a kind of redefining analogy which instantly perked up my spirits and my confidence.


“Imagine a situation where one of your close family members is ill, and in the hospital,” he began on a subtle note, “And the authorities ask you to deposit five lakhs. Would you arrange or just brood?”


“I would arrange … it goes without saying,” I blurted out.


“In spite of knowing that the outcome may not be favourable?”


“Yes, I would still arrange.”


“And you hesitate to arrange funds for something which guarantees amazing returns and enviable career?”


Sunny Sir’s logical approach to my dilemma got me thinking. It offered unusual surge, a kind of divine intervention. Surprisingly, I did manage to gather the required funds for the course. Call it a conspiracy of the universe or Sunny Sir’s timely support, today I am one of the lucky few who’s had the opportunity to learn tattooing from one of the leading artists of India.


What’s more… I will soon be heading for Pune as a resident artist for Aliens Tattoo Pune. How is that for success?


So, this is my story … my journey from Baroda to Mumbai and then Pune as a rising tattoo artist.