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Beginner ARTIST TO an Award winning Tattoo artist





I owned a studio but never felt confident until i took full-time training from Aliens. it all began there and i feel i'm unstoppable now!

Aliens Tattoo School has been mentoring and spreading out some real talent around the world. And it is proven again. Our students also never fail to add glory to the our shelf of success. Hailing from different backgrounds, they have different stories but a common aim – ‘To be a great tattoo artist’, and boy, aren’t they making us proud. Here’s about our Award-Winning tattoo artist Saiyyam Patel had his journey after winning back-to-back awards at India’s biggest Tattoo festivals, first in Ink Me Tattoo Festival and then in the legendary and most wanted tattoo festival India - The Heartwork Tattoo Festival. Keep reading!

Saiyyam, a Mumbai boy, was always inclined towards art and tattooing in this teenage, he also owned a small studio in Malad but he knew that wasn't enough. He soon realised that what he was doing was pretty tiny when compared to his dreams. He snapped out, found the best place to get trained and got himself thorough with technical knowledge and got hands-on training for 6 months under Aliens Tattoo School's Advanced Course.


Soon after he finished his course, he had new targets to achieve. He relocated and launched a bigger and a better studio at a prime location in Malad, Mumbai. That was just the beginning, he constantly stayed in the loop and followed all that mentors at Aliens assigned and proved himself worthy of a free scholarship representing the our school at Heartwork Tattoo festival. Yes, he got selected for the Free Scholarship Program by Aliens. His participation was backed up with constant mentoring under Aliens and that did absolute wonders. 


He has proven that sky is the limit!  He was really keen on polishing his skills and being the best, and after developing under Aliens, he’s grown into something that his trophies are proof of! Yes, that's right. Yet again!


Saiyyam bagged the first prize in the Best Colour Tattoo category & Best Comic Character at India's Biggest Tattoo Festival. His back-to-back victory in a span of 3 months is remarkable. It's only been a year since he finished his course from Aliens Tattoo School and he already owns a dazzling tattoo studio and a shelf full of glory.