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Mastery to


tattoo art

by Sunny Bhanushali

5th June 2020 (Part 2)

How does this webinar works


Online live Webinar using Zoom

This webinar will be conducted using Zoom, it is an online video conferencing software. It offers great features for webinar and it is very simple to use

Dual Camera set-up and Screen Sharing

This webinar will offer 3 views, that is 3 different windows which will have two camera views and one with my screen shared to run the presentation. This will give you great viewing angles and you won't miss a single thing.

I will run few live presentation which will allow me to explain things better. I will also do live demonstration on artificial skin to show how it is done

Live Presentation and Practical Demonstration

This entire session will be interactive, I will take questions through out the webinar. There will be lot of discussion happening too.

Interactive, Q & A Discussion and much more


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