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The World's Most Trusted Platform for Tattoo Education

Who recognizes Aliens Tattoo School and why?

Aliens Tattoo School is recognized by the Government of India as the first start-up in its genre. There was a long need of a genuine tattoo education system across the nation and our training model was found to be the best. We didn't take the traditional approach, we combined human psychology, spiritual science, and art to develop our tattoo training system.

In no time the word went out and we got support and recognition from many. We received sponsorship from one of the top tattoo equipment company, Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment followed by Eternal Inks (top tattoo Ink brand), Dermalize (top tattoo aftercare product), Squidster, and Cleany Wipes. These companies may sound unfamiliar to you but let me tell you that these are big whales of the global tattoo industry.

Why such support, the answer is obvious, 'Our Tattoo Education System'

Our tattoo course is unlike any other on the earth. It is designed and developed in such a way that -

"Anyone can become a tattoo artist, one just needs to have enough love and passion for art." 

What's so different about our Tattoo Course?

80/20 Principle -

We offer tattoo course that works for all. The course is designed on the 80/20 principle where we focus 80 percent on practicals and 20 percent on theory. 80 percent focus on crucial 20 percent of tattoo techniques and skills. We have made tattoo learning simple and easy. We focus on what's necessary and ignore the jargon :). 

Tattooing is the skill which can be learned by persistent practice and focus -

The is the difference between Art and Skill, don't confuse those two. Art and creativity are naturally running through you, it's within you. It takes many forms, doesn't have to be art on paper. Doctors are artists, engineers are artists, architects are artists, every living creature is an artist and a part of the universal creative process. Tattooing is just the medium through which you will express your art. Tattooing is the skill which can be learned by persistent practice and focus. When you combine tattooing skill to your flow of art, you become a tattoo artist.

Automatic Tattooing Skills -

We took a scientific approach to alter the subconscious mind pattern related to learning of artistic skill which accelerates the learning process. We use the power of repetition to develop 'Automatic Tattooing Skills'. The term automatic tattooing means that you practice so long that it becomes your habit like driving a car. Skill/Technique is broken down into a series of simple steps, with meditative focus and power of repetition, it slips into the subconscious mind as a habit.

Mechanical Process -

Our process of teaching is very mechanical. With the right guidance of skilled and award-winning mentors, you practice and develop the right set of automatic skills which can be used for any style of tattooing. The course is 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, that is intense amount of time focused on only one goal, Become a Pro Tattoo Artist.

Only learning Tattoo Art is not going to make you Pro Tattoo Artist -

There is a lot more to learn beyond just tattoo art to become a successful tattoo artist. You need to know how to sell your art, promote yourself, sell your beliefs, provide great customer service, connect to your client to come up with tailor-made custom designs, use digital media for printing and designing, marketing, use of social media and other marketing tools, self-evaluate and progress. We cover almost every aspect of it. we just don’t teach tattoo techniques, we make you pro tattoo artist.

The above points are the soul of our tattoo course, a base on which everything is developed. The body or curriculum of this course is here. If you wish to explore the content of the course, visit this link.

Do you want to know more about making a career in tattoo art?

Aliens team will be honoured to help you with your doubts and queries. We would love to speak to you about it. We are also offering Free Consultation at Aliens Tattoo School. Its a walk-through of our school. You will get to see the entire process of teaching and the workflow of our tattoo course. You can also talk to our team of Mentors and know about the journeys into tattooing. You will be able to talk to our students and know about the feedback on how good are we doing in term of teaching :)

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