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Empowering your artistic leap

Student empowerment and upliftment programs

At Aliens Tattoo School, we're not just teaching tattoo art; we're crafting a transformative experience that uplifts, recognizes, and propels our students into the spotlight of the tattooing world. Our dedicated support programs are tailored to ensure every aspiring artist receives the guidance, resources, and opportunities needed to flourish both creatively and professionally.

Internship program at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Internship Program 

Our top students get paid internships, diving deep into studio management and exploring the intricate aspects of the tattoo industry, thus gaining invaluable hands-on experience and industry insights.

Convention Sponsorship at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Convention Sponsorships 

We showcase student talent at national and international tattoo conventions, providing a unique platform for them to be recognized in the global tattoo industry, thereby opening doors to career growth.

Tattoo Workshops by guest artists at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Guest Workshops

Broadening horizons through diverse guest lectures and workshops, we provide exposure to a variety of artistic styles and techniques, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the art form

Flexible payment options at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Flexible Payment Options

Artistic passion shouldn't be hindered by financial barriers. Our flexible payment plans make top-notch tattoo education accessible to all aspiring artists.

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Student Accomodation

We ensure a seamless transition into professional training with hassle-free, comfortable living arrangements, allowing students to focus fully on their art.

Aliens Outreach Program.webp

Aliens Outreach Program

We're committed to inclusivity

and nurturing talent from all walks of life, offering support and growth opportunities to underprivileged and emerging artists.

Courses for the artist in you

Delve into a curated selection of tattoo courses designed to awaken, nurture, and refine the artist within. From foundational skills in our tattoo learning programs to advanced techniques, each path is crafted for passionate minds eager to make their mark in the world of tattoo artistry. Embrace the journey of learning and discovery with us, where every course is a step towards mastering the art of tattooing.

Journeys to Mastery, Success & Transformation

Witness the remarkable journeys of mastery our students embark upon. These stories of success spotlight the profound impact of our support programs, as each individual shifts from aspiring artist to celebrated professional. Delve into the narratives of those who've harnessed their passion for tattoo art, elevated by our comprehensive training and mentorship, and emerged as leaders in the industry. Their achievements— ranging from international accolades to entrepreneurial

triumphs—illustrate the boundless possibilities when dedication meets our empowering educational environment.

Yogesh Mahale from Aliens Tattoo Art School

A story about transforming a passion into a flourishing career

Allan Gois from Aliens Tattoo Art School

From a student to  Director of Aliens Tattoo & Aliens Tattoo Art School

Siddesh Gawde from Aliens Tattoo Art School

Electronic engineer to multiple award-winning tattoo artist

Begin your artistic revolution, uncover the artist in you
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