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Pro Piercing

Piercing is one of the most demanded skills in the Body Art & Modification industry. Our Pro Course in Piercing covers everything from the importance of sanitation to mastering the art of Piercing different parts of the body. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and confidence to become a certified and successful piercing artist. 


Watch this video to learn about the structure and the curriculum of our Piercing Course


Pro Piercing Course

Cost of the Course

₹ 19,500 ($320)

Duration of the course is 5 days.

Upcoming Batches

22nd Jan 24' | 19th Feb 24'

Get course certification that is recognised globally & sets you apart in the crowd

Learn from a team of talented & award-winning mentors with real life experience of the industry

Our training techniques are the perfect blend of practical training and theory, covering all aspects of tattooing

State of the art facility equipped with the best technology and tools to boost fast learning 

Types of Piercings covered in this course


  • Lobe piercing 

  • Upper lobe piercing 

  • Helix piercing 

  • Front helix piercing 

  • Flat piercing 

  • Inner counch piercing 

  • Snug piercing

  • Orbital piercing 

  • Anti tragus piercing 

  • Tragus piercing 

  • Daith piercing

  • Rook piercing

  • Industrial piercing 

  • Ear lobe stretching (plug)


  • Labret piercing

  • Vertical labret piercing

  • Medusa piercing 

  • Snake bite piercing 

  • Angel bite piercing 

  • Monroe piercing 

  • Dhalia bites piercing 

  • Spider bite piercing

  • Dimple piercing 

  • Septum piercing 

  • Nose piercing 

  • Austine piercing 

  • Rhino piercing 

  • Bridge piercing 

  • Third eye piercing 

  • Eyebrow piercing 

  • Horizontal eyebrow 

  • Butterfly kiss piercing 

  • Teardrop piercing 


  • Nipple piercing

  • Belly piercing


  • Tongue piercing 

  • Smiley piercing 

  • Tongue web piercing 

  • Snake eye piercing 


  • Micro Dermal Piercing


  • Ear Lobe Extension

Students sharing their experience at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Finding the right tattoo school was a daunting task to say the least. Aliens Tattoo Art School provided everything I needed and more to continue my journey as a Tattoo artist. It was affordable, very thorough and an all around great atmosphere. All the mentors are extremely professional and also very relaxed and friendly. I had a great experience at Aliens Tattoo Art School and am thankful I was given the opportunity to experience it surrounded by such caring people.”I can proudly say am made in aliens ❤

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