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Pro Piercing

Our Pro Piercing Course covers everything from the importance of sanitation to mastering the art of piercing, preparing you to become a certified artist.

This unique 5-day course, taught by an experienced piercer at Aliens Tattoo School, covers anatomy, safety, sterilization, 40+ piercing types, and aftercare. Gain hands-on experience with live models and receive a course completion certificate, enabling you to perform piercings like a pro.

  • How does this sponsorship works?
  • What is the selection process for this sponsorship?
    - Each convention, we pick top 10 people from the current and past batches whose work is exceptional - We also consider the overall attitude and behaviour — how well the student do in competencies like team-player, collaborative, problem-solver, humble, creative etc - We offer the sponsorship and and let student accept it or reject it - If accepted, we start their special training if required, we prepare them for the convention - If rejected, we look for more students with exceptional work and attitude
  • What is covered in this sponsorship
    We cover the convention booth cost, award participation cost and the mentor support cost, we do not cover food and accommodation
  • Will I have to be in the current batch of Aliens School to get selected?
    This is open for all the students of Aliens, as convention cannot accommodate more than 6 to 8 students at a time for one booth, every convention we pick the best/top of students of aliens to participate
  • If I win the award, will I get to keep the award or it stays with Aliens?
    It is up to you, if you wish to keep it with yourself you can, if you wish display it at Aliens, we will accept it gracefully and your award, photos will go on the wall of fame section at Aliens school.
  • Will I get the mentor support at the convention?
  • How many conventions will I get to attend under this program?
    First of all your work should at par to get selected for this sponsorship, not everyone gets the sponsorship. And if you get selected, you get the sponsorship only for one event (one time).
  • Will I make money at the convention by tattooing clients?
    No, if you do a paid tattoo the money will go to the company, however our focus is going to be on awards, the soul purpose to have you at the convention is to give you the exposure of the convention, build your portfolio and get recognised by winning awards.
  • What is my role at the convention?
    Your role is to represent Aliens Tattoo School as a tattoo artist at the convention. You will be tattooing mostly all days. These tattoos will be for competition (awards), however if we need your help in some other areas or we want you to help other artists or handle clients or any other work related to the convention, we expect you to take it gracefully.



  • Lobe piercing 

  • Upper lobe piercing 

  • Helix piercing 

  • Front helix piercing 

  • Flat piercing 

  • Inner counch piercing 

  • Snug piercing

  • Orbital piercing 

  • Anti tragus piercing 

  • Tragus piercing 

  • Daith piercing

  • Rook piercing

  • Industrial piercing 

  • Ear lobe stretching (plug)


  • Labret piercing

  • Vertical labret piercing

  • Medusa piercing 

  • Snake bite piercing 

  • Angel bite piercing 

  • Monroe piercing 

  • Dhalia bites piercing 

  • Spider bite piercing

  • Dimple piercing 

  • Septum piercing 

  • Nose piercing 

  • Austine piercing 

  • Rhino piercing 

  • Bridge piercing 

  • Third eye piercing 

  • Eyebrow piercing 

  • Horizontal eyebrow 

  • Butterfly kiss piercing 

  • Teardrop piercing 


  • Nipple piercing

  • Belly piercing

  • Tongue piercing 

  • Smiley piercing 

  • Tongue web piercing 

  • Snake eye piercing 

  • Micro Dermal Piercing

  • Ear Lobe Extension

Cost of the


Duration of the course is 5 days. All the equipments required during the training is provided by the school. 


Our training techniques are the perfect blend of practical training and theory, covering all aspects of tattooing


Learn from a team of talented & award-winning mentors with real life experience of the industry


State of the art facility equipped with the best technology and tools to boost fast learning


Get course certification that is recognised globally & sets you apart in the crowd

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Master the art of piercing with our specialized courses, covering sanitation, 40+ piercing techniques, and certification. Better your skills and become a sought-after piercing expert in the body modification industry.

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