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Aliens Outreach Program

We believe in reshaping and rebuilding budding talent regardless of their background. This led to an initiative to help the underprivileged. It's called the Aliens Outreach program. It is this initiative through which we want to make learning art accessible to everyone who’s determined and passionate about it.

Helping Hands

How are we doing it?

We reach out to low income communities & NGOs to open this opportunity to all of their members. Through a systematic approach, we conduct drawing tests and interview the shortlisted candidates. Those who show enough passion & dedication towards art and are a cultural fit in terms of their will power and attitude are given a full scholarship at Aliens Tattoo Art School followed by a job placement opportunity at Aliens Tattoo.

Workshops conducted by us

Aliens has worked in collaboration with these NGOs & Organizations for the betterment of the community.


We have created a payment plan for every situation. Planning ahead with one of our plans can help you stay on top of your payments, avoid late fees and interest charges and keep your account in good standing with us. And to avail any of the above payment plans, we require minimum documentation to to proceed with the approval process.



Am I eligible for the flexible payment plan for the tattoo school?

Yes. Anyone can apply for the flexible payment plan. With our hassle-free EMI plans, the best education in tattooing is now accessible to everyone. Apply now

What kind of education do you need to become a tattoo artist?

All that you need is a passion for art. We believe anyone can become a tattoo artist as long as they love art. Enquire Now

Is it worth it to become a tattoo artist in India?

With the rise in demand for good tattoo artists in India, the average earning of tattoo artists has significantly increased. Financially, a tattoo artist can easily earn lakhs every month. 

Are there any processing/late payment charges involved?

We don't charge any processing fee for the duration of your course, i.e., six months. However, if your payment plan exceeds this duration, we charge a minimal fee. For example, if you extend it to 9 months, a processing fee of 8000INR, and for 12 months, a processing fee of 15,000INR is charged.

What happens if I stop paying my installments?

Students won't be allowed to attend the lectures if they miss any installment.

Can you waive off the late payment/bounce charges?

Since the bank charges the penalty, we can't waive the bounce charges.

Will I get a certificate if the payment is pending?

The certificates will be put on hold until the complete payment has been processed.

Apply now for Flexible Payment

If you wish to know more about our courses, career options after our courses, job placements, scope of tattoo industry and more, you can schedule your one-on-one orientation with our expert counselors.

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