Kochi, India / 2021

Fabin Francis

From working at Volkswagen to becoming a tattoo artist

Every year we meet hundreds of students, from different parts of the country. Each one of them is close to our hearts just like Fabin

We still remember Fabin on Day one. A quiet, shy boy carefully listens and observes everything happening around him. He was focused and excited to learn and begin the journey. But at the same time, due to the language barrier, he was finding it a tad difficult to communicate effortlessly. Within no less time, his Hindi got improved and the later Fabin was fun to know. 

Every year we meet hundreds of students, from different parts of the country. Each one of them is close to our hearts just like Fabin. Fabin belongs to Kochi, Kerala. He was fond of sketching, scribbling since childhood. His true love for art stayed with him even after graduating as an Automobile Engineer. When he joined Aliens Tattoo Art School, he had a month of tattoo learning experience from Thailand. While exploring Tattoo art, he came across a tattoo done by Allan Gois and it blew his mind. We vividly remember, in the initial days, he was hesitant to ask the question, queries to mentors. His struggle to merge in the class of students speaking fluent Hindi was real. Our mentors were quick to understand and started to communicate with him and resolved his queries. In weeks, he got comfortable and further did not stop asking questions till the last day of the course.

He was a curious student, ready to work hard and willing to improve his work at all terms and conditions. His existence did make a difference at our school, and his bond with his mentors was as good as it can be. While discussing with the mentors, we came to know the insights from the classroom 

What our mentors have to say about our fabulous fabin?

Well, if you ask us about Fabin, I'll say one of the warmest people I know as a student. Constantly thankful towards all of us and always a sport. In his initial days, he did have some technical difficulties, but later he worked hard and he was able to get better at it soon. He was an inquisitive student, he had a lot of queries and remained glued to his work, unless and until he got the desired results. His warmth was infectious. At the end of the course, we were happy to see him happy with himself, his progress.

l We understood his problem and took a step ahead to Day one and today’s Fabin is different now. While studying Engineering, he got a chance to draw gear parts, machines etc. Unknowingly 


Fabin Francis, from Kochi, Kerala was always fond of sketching. In his undergraduate years, (As an automobile Engineer) he used to complete his friends' practicals for extra pocket money. He later realized he wanted to pursue art and joined Aliens Tattoo Art School. Today, he has grown as an artist and an individual altogether. To know more about him, watch the full video.  

Hi, I am Fabin Francis from Kochi, Kerala. I have done my Automobile Engineering and have previously worked with Volkswagen. I always enjoyed drawing gear parts, it used to clear my sketching skills. I was always fond of sketching. My father used to scribble a little and I used to be fascinated by his sketches.

During my undergraduate years, I used to willingly help my friends to complete their practicals and projects for extra pocket money. In 2013, I came across Sunny Bhanushali’s Rudraksha Tattoo and it caught my eye. Back then, I started learning the basics of tattooing and I wanted to learn his style. I started to do small tattoos on weekends as a part-time job. Meanwhile, I was still working with Volkswagen. But the thing with 9-5 corporate jobs and art things was, I felt a lot of freedom while tattooing. I felt a lot of happiness and joy while being with artists and while tattooing. So then I started learning the basics of tattooing from my friend. Both of us wanted to learn more and we decided to go to Thailand Tattoo School. We learnt the basics of Black and Gray basically, it was a month-long course. And after that, we did improve our basics. After coming from Thailand, we were exploring Tattoo Art and styles. My friend shared a picture of a Tattoo done by Allan. And I was fascinated by the perfection and clarity of work that caught my eye. I have never seen this amazing piece of work, of course, Sunny sir. I decided I want to learn to tattoo and decided to join Aliens Tattoo Art School. I saved all the money to join the Aliens Tattoo Art School, but my father got a heart attack and I had to channelise all my savings into my fathers' hospital things. I feel it was not the right time to join Aliens. Later after Covid, I joined Aliens Tattoo Art School and I felt like I relived my college days. It was a great experience while learning at Aliens. 


Fabin's interview