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Kochi, India / 2021

Fabin Francis

From working at Volkswagen to becoming a tattoo artist

We still remember Fabin, a shy boy, scared to explore. He has grown as an artist & now runs his own tattoo studio in Kochi.

We still remember Fabin from day one. A quiet, shy boy carefully listens and observes everything happening around him. He was focused and excited to learn and begin the journey. But at the same time, due to the language barrier, he was finding it a tad difficult to communicate effortlessly. Within no less time, his Hindi got improved and the later Fabin was fun to know. 

Every year we meet hundreds of students, from different parts of the country. Each one of them is close to our hearts just like Fabin. He belongs to Kochi, Kerala. He was fond of sketching, scribbling since childhood. His true love for art stayed with him even after graduating as an Automobile Engineer. He had a month of tattoo learning experience from Thailand. But he wasn't satisfied with the quality of training. While exploring Tattoo Art further, he came across a tattoo done by Allan Gois and it blew his mind. That's when he decided that he wanted to learn from Aliens Tattoo Art School.


We vividly remember, in the initial days, he was hesitant to ask the question, queries to mentors. Our mentors understood that started communicating with him and resolved his queries. In weeks, he got comfortable and since then, did not stop asking questions till the last day of the course.

He was a curious student, ready to work hard and willing to improve his work at all terms and conditions. His existence did make a difference at our school, and his bond with his mentors was as good as it can be. While discussing with the mentors, we came to know the insights from the classroom...