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4 Interesting Facts About White Ink Tattoos That You Should Know

You like the idea of getting a tattoo and thought you knew exactly what you wanted. Then the artist mentioned something called white ink tattoos. In fact, this might be the ideal approach for you. Here are some facts about this type of tattoo that you should know.

They Really Do Work With Any Skin Tone

Some people think that white ink for a tattoo only looks nice if the person has a darker skin tone. As any professional at the tattoo studio at Don Mills will tell you, the white ink does work well with any skin tone. The only difference is that under normal light, the tattoo will not be quite as obvious on someone who has paler skin. When you want to show the tattoo to someone, they will still be able to see the details clearly.


Under UV Light The Tattoos Seem to Glow

While the white ink tattoos on paler skin stand out less under natural light, they can really pop when it comes to UV light. In fact, the ink will tend to enhance the look of the skin that is already slightly upraised, giving the tattoo an even more prominent appearance.

Think of being in a club and under the lights used to illuminate the dance floor. Now consider the overheat strobe lights that are common in many clubs. What can you expect when those lights begin to change colors? When the lights strike your tattoos, they will seem to glow. That can make them all the more impressive for people who have never seem them before.


They Work Well in Professional Settings

The fact that the use of white ink produces tattoos that stand out less in typical situations can be a plus. That’s certainly true if you work in a conservative setting or happen to live in a more conservative community. You still get to enjoy your tattoos but others are less likely to notice them unless you choose to call attention to those tattoos. In fact, some people may not know you visited the tattoo studio at Dan Mills until you roll up a sleeve and show them the tattoo.


You Can Expect the Color to Change Slightly Over Time

Not everyone knows that white ink tattoos can change slightly in color over the years. The change is usually subtle and won’t do anything to mar the look of the tattoo. Depending on a number of factors, the ink may take on a slightly yellow hue. At other times, the color may change to a light gray. A tattoo artist can tell you more about how this happens, how long it takes, and why your tattoo will still look great.

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo or possibly adding something to your present body art? Now is a great time to visit the tattoo studio at Don Mills and take a look at some of the designs. You can also talk with an artist about coming up with a custom design. Before you know it, the new tattoo will be in place and you can share it with anyone you like.

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