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5 reasons to dive early into becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist

5 reasons to dive early into tattoo art industry

Without thinking of any current circumstances happening in your life, First and foremost question you need to ask yourself, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A PRO-TATTOO ARTIST? Don’t think of the reasons of why you can’t, for a moment, just think that you are free of every problem/circumstance in your life, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A PRO-TATTOO ARTIST?

If your answer is Yes! Then you are already on the journey to become a tattoo artist, now the question is how soon you will become one.

Tattoo Industry is growing very fast, at super-tremendous speed. On a global scale, there is scarcity of Pro-Tattoo Artists and the demand of good tattoos is unbelievably HUGE, its like 30 to 1 ratio. Because of such a high demand, Pro-Tattoo Artists can only manage to serve few, and so, you get to hear that these tattoo artists are booked for months in advance.

Let me ask you a question here! Who is going to fill in this demand?

This world needs more Pro-Tattoo Artists, and thats where you can leverage this situation before its too late.

Pro-Tattoo Artists are making $150 to $600 an hour ( did your jaw drop :0 ) That is way more than most of the well-qualified Doctors or Engineers :P

So, the, next question is, How to become a famous professional tattoo artist?

To become a Professional Tattoo Artist, you’ve got 2 choices, one is through self learning and another is jump start through a legitimate tattoo training course under a reputed mentor or through genuine tattoo training institute. Mostly good tattoo schools are the ones which run under the guidance of well-know, reputed, famous artist.

Learning under the guidance of a right mentor will save years of time. My students are doing almost similar work like mine, sometimes better than me. They have not even completed 3 years in tattooing, I have spent 12 years to reach this level. Why so much time difference? its because of the right guidance they got :).

Becoming a pro-tattoo artist means lot more than what you can imagine, its not just about reaching a higher level of art skills. When your tattoo work hits on a global scale, you are in demand, you are like a celebrity. People respect you for your work and time. People wait for you, they pay gracefully for every tattoo you create and every minute you put in.

You are invited to the biggest tattoo shows, you are welcomed as guest artist by top studios from around the world. Travelling around the world becomes fun and easy, never have to think about the budgets and money as wherever you go you get to tattoo. Even an average tattoo artist makes way more money than an average Doctors and Engineers, However when you are Pro, things are way different.

Here are few more reasons to dive early into becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist.

  • The demand is high, competition is low, Pro-Tattoo Artists are few, there are higher chances to become one of the top league tattoo artists.

  • Because of the high demand of good tattoos globally, there is abundance of work and income/money

  • You get to live an artist’s life, its beautiful, full of new people, travelling, art, music, respect, freedom and passion.

  • Tattoo industry is still considered a niche market globally, it is thriving towards becoming main stream career option. Getting in now will put you way ahead of all those newbies which will rush when its main stream.

  • Do you still need more reasons to get you to do what you want to do :)


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I believe anyone can become a Pro-Tattoo Artist, one only needs passion and love for art

If you have decided to make a career in tattoo art and become a Pro-Level Tattoo Artist then don't wait. Find the best way to get your self trained from right mentor or legitimate tattoo training institute. Join the League!

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