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Aliens Tattoo School has been mentoring some really talented individuals. The students never fail to add glory to the Aliens Tattoo. We’re celebrating the victories of our students – Tennis Ramteke, Sayyam Patel, and Debarshi at the InkMe tattoo convention (2019). Hailing from different backgrounds they have different stories but a common aim – ‘To be a great tattoo artist’, and boy, aren’t they making us proud. We congratulated our students and held a short coffee conversation with them to find out about their progress in the tattoo industry and what’s new in their lives. Here’s what our award-winning tattoo artists had to say about their journey…

Here's a glimpse of their stories:

Sayyam Patel

Sayyam Patel has trained at Aliens Tattoo School in the first batch of tattoo training. He was studying engineering when he was struck with his calling for art. He wanted to pursue a career in art and while surfing the internet, he found Sunny Bhanushali and his tattoos. This caught his attention and sparked an idea that he could pursue tattooing as a career. He arranged a tattoo machine and some ink and started inking his friends as practice. He wasn’t great at it, and after some pressure from the family, he’d almost given up on his dreams to be a tattoo artist. But then, he happened to meet Sunny and realized that he was ready to teach him.

This wave of inspiration got him back to his love for tattoo art. After pondering over the fee, he somehow managed to accumulate the money and sorted his admission. The journey thereafter speaks for itself, with his recent achievement bagging the Best Color Tattoo, Best Freehand Calligraphy Tatoo, Best Collaboration Tattoo, Best of the Day (1), Best of the Day (2), 3rd prize in cartoon tattoos, and 3rd place in large tattoos categories at the Ink Me tattoo convention. He has his studio in Malad, where you could catch up with him or best, get a stunning tattoo.

Tennis Ramteke

Tennis hails from Nagpur, and he trained under the artist program in January 2019 at Aliens Tattoo School. Before he got into being a full-time tattoo artist he’d chosen electronics as his career. But it didn’t really excite him and he eventually wandered back to his childhood passion - art. After he got his first tattoo with an adventurous decision, he started wondering if this could be his calling. The new tattoo started a row of events that lead him towards his new career choice. He started exploring and gaining some knowledge about tattoos.

Tennis eventually told his parents about his decision to explore art as a career and set up a tattoo studio within a few years. But he wasn’t really satisfied with this venture. He felt as if something was lacking and he started searching for a place that would provide proper education in tattooing. At the 2018 Heartwork Tattoo Festival, he happened to meet Sunny Bhanushali.

They immediately took off, and Sunny offered him a chance to learn tattooing at Aliens Tattoo School. After completing his course he’s been more confident about his tattoo skills and has bagged the Best of Friday, Best small black and grey, Best Oriental Tattoo at the Bhopal tattoo festival, and 1st Runner Up in black and grey, 2nd Runner Up Traditional Tattoo at the InkMe tattoo convention held in Mumbai.

Debarshi Roy Chaudhary

Debarshi hails from West Bengal and is one of the few tattoo artists in his vicinity. He joined the artist program at Aliens Tattoo in 2019 and has been flourishing ever since. His excitement on winning the award doesn’t cease to exist as his family is highly supportive of his art. He chose tattooing as his focus after getting a fine arts degree and his passion drove him all the way. As an upgrade to his traditional methods in sketching and art, he chose tattooing as the contemporary form of expression. It was a difficult time he faced initially when he was an apprentice to a local artist. He recollects a time when he got a completely dismantled coil tattoo machine, but stayed up all night and fixed it piece by piece. As he had his vision in mind, he started tattooing his friends and family with it.

Debarshi happened to meet Sunny Bhanushali at the Heartwork Tattoo festival and this was his turning point. The conversation they had, was an eye-opener for Debarshi. Shifting to Mumbai, learning professional tattoo art, and eventually kicking up a good business at his studio back in West Bengal all this was a long shot, but he made sure it all fell in place. He holds high regard to his wife, who supported him through thick and thin. She is now learning tattooing from Debarshi and accompanies him at his studio. He won the Best Bio Mechanical/Organic Tattoo category at the InkMe tattoo convention 2019 at Mumbai.

We, Aliens, are proud of having such talented students, and hold our heads high as they rise with their art. It’s their dedication and passion that speaks for itself and they keep honoring us with such victories!

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