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Career option for new-age, join the league!

There was an era, an Industrial Age, where the revolution of 9 - 6 (8 hours) job took place. People were pushed to work in shifts doing monotonous jobs everyday. Many research studies say that these people used least amount of brains, killing their creative aspect of life as there was no room for creativity in this kind of working environment. People were like robots/machines, had to do what had been instructed to them, nothing else.

We are no more living in an Industrial Age, THIS IS NEW AGE, some masters call it Information Age, I call it CREATIVE AGE where there is lot more freedom, more than ever, when it comes to career, growth and success. Collaboratively, people did realise the need of change, need to be more creative, need to break the monotony of work life.

Their is so much demand for creative people like graphic designers, interface designers, architects, commercial artists, painters, website developers, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, airbrush painters, hair stylists, make-up artists etc. and it has become so easy to become one. There are schools, organisations, institutes at every corner where you can learn the skills and make it as your career.

One of the career option I would recommend is, BECOME A TATTOO ARTIST. I went from zero to millionaire in less than 6 years. And its not just about money, do you know how beautiful and exciting is a life of tattoo artist?

Most of the tattoo artists travel around the world, because there is never a shortage of money as they tattoo while they travel, earn loads of money and use it for further travelling. People love artists, so there is so much of honour and respect you receive to be a tattoo artist. Tattoo artists have better social life as they get to meet new people all the time. Tattoo artists work profile is filled with drawing, sketching, tattooing, its full of creativity, there is different level of energy all together, TRUST ME! You get more time to spend with your loved ones, with your family as you are the boss of your own life. You learn more about team work, get better at communication and social engagements. I can go on and on....

India is an emerging market for tattoo artists. There is an enormous demand for tattoo artists in India. Very few artists are doing good in this industry, and so, cannot fulfil the demand of tattoos. International artists come to India and make tons of money tattooing Indian people because existing league of tattoo artists cannot fulfil all the request because of work over load.

And it is just the start, Indian people are just getting started with this, our last generation was not into getting tattoos as much as new generation, new birds are completely into it, almost everyone has a tattoo now, and the demand and awareness is increasing tremendously making a perfect environment for the growth and success of tattoo artists.

Give your self a head start now, Make a career in tattoo art, Become a pro-level tattoo artist. Join the League! Join Aliens Tattoo School, India’s first tattoo school, a genuine tattoo learning platform for all.

We are doing FREE ORIENTATION for you, it’s a walk through. We will talk about how this career can help you and/or your kids, what’s the scope of this art career, what is the future of it. What kind of income/money you can expect from this career option. You will get to discuss with award winning tattoo artists who started from nothing, their success stories. We will walk you through the process of teaching, will get to see inside of tattoo studio and the working environment. Please call us on +919833065209 to book a free orientation with us.

To know more about the courses we offer, please visit

Love and light,

Sunny Bhanushali

CEO | Aliens

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