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tilak verma's sleeve tattoo

We had the immense pleasure of having Tilak Varma, one of the Indian cricket team’s youngest players, at our studio! Our renowned tattoo artists who once honed their craft at Aliens Tattoo School were honored to tattoo Tilak Verma. Allan Gois, Devendra Palav, and Siddesh Gawde came together to bring Tilak's inspiring story to life through their artistry.

Tilak, coming from a deeply spiritual background, wanted to get elements that would symbolize his faith and spirituality. Eventually arrangements were made and our Senior Designer Sameer Kureshi accompanied Siddhesh for a consultation, where they sat together and agreed upon a custom one-of-a-kind tattoo design done especially for the tattoo sleeve. Overall, there were six elements added to the sleeve tattoo, which were all customized to fit Tilak’s preferences and put artistic brilliance with our tattoo artists on the forefront.

tilak verma at Aliens Tattoo Studio

Allan Gois Inks Tilak’s Friendly Companion

Allan inked Tilak's best friend, a beautiful portrait of Tilak Varma's beloved pet dog, Trigger, on his side calf. Allan's exceptional skill in realism brought this tattoo to life, making it a touching tribute to Tilak's loyal companion!

Allan Gois

Allan Gois's journey from a student to the Director of Aliens Tattoo and Dean of Aliens Tattoo Art School is a testament to the power of following one's passion. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for academics, Allan always loved drawing. His interest in tattooing sparked during a trip to Goa, where he was inspired by the tattoo artists’ work. Initially seeking quick money, Allan's perspective shifted as he fell in love with the art form leading him to the Aliens Tattoo School. His dedication led to becoming a top realism tattoo artist, tattooing celebrities, and gaining recognition in no time. 

Devendra Palav Covers The Script!

His proficiency in detailed script tattoos came to the fore when he inked the sacred chant "Om Namah Shivay" on Tilak's chest. In addition to this, Tilak’s inner forearm was adorned with a couple of hibiscus flowers. Furthermore, on his inner bicep, was inked a beautiful mountainous landscape with the words "Unwavering Self Trust". Devendra took it upon himself to ensure the chest tattoo was done flawlessly, reflecting his mastery and attention to detail like no other. 

Devendra palav

Devendra Palav's story is a fusion of digital skills and artistry. Initially trained in Graphic Designing and renowned for his calligraphy skills, Devendra's transition into tattooing began when a friend suggested exploring Aliens Tattoo. From that moment, history was in the making. Starting as a student, Devendra progressed to become a tattoo artist and now holds the esteemed position of a senior tattoo artist, showcasing remarkable talent along the way.

Siddhesh Gawde Inks The Sleeve!

Tilak verma's tattoo artist

With his expertise, Siddhesh inked Tilak’s Shiva tattoo, a powerful expression of devotion, spirituality, and personal transformation on his bicep. On the second day, Siddhesh started working on Tilak’s second portrait tattoo, Lord Ganesha, one that holds deep symbolism, often chosen to seek his guidance in overcoming challenges and obstacles in life. Tilak then returned to complete the other elements of his sleeve, showcasing Siddhesh's exceptional skill and dedication to his craft. 

Siddhesh Gawde's story is one of passion and determination. Despite having a background in electronic engineering, he realized early on that this field did not interest him. Instead, he found himself drawn to the world of art, which initially led him to work as a Photoshop Retoucher. However, this role didn't bring him the job satisfaction he sought. Everything changed when he stumbled upon Aliens Tattoo’s Instagram and Facebook ads. The artistry he saw there resonated deeply with him, sparking a realization that becoming a tattoo artist might be his true calling. Siddhesh enrolled himself in the Complete Course in Tattoo Art at Aliens Tattoo aspiring to translate his artistic skills onto the human canvas. Balancing his day job with this intense course was not easy. Siddhesh's hard work paid off when he secured a full-time position at Aliens Tattoo later that year, allowing him to give wings to his dreams!

In Essence,

It is indeed a fact that at Aliens Tattoo School, we don’t just teach; we nurture our students from the inside out, providing opportunities for them to grow both professionally and personally. Our journey with Tilak Varma is a testament to the incredible artistry and dedication of our alumni like Siddhesh, Devendra, and Allan, who have transformed their passion into a thriving career. Their stories illustrate how we support our students in realizing their full potential and making a strong impact in the tattoo industry.

Just like our students who have become professional tattoo artists, you too can give voice to your talent and let it be heard. At Aliens Tattoo School, we believe in the power of creativity and dedication. Join us, and you will find a community that fosters your growth, celebrates your skills, and empowers you to achieve your dreams. 

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