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Being an artist is not a stereotype, it doesn't mean that only few special people who could draw and paint are the artists. I hear this a lot, "artists have god gifts" and thats so stupid.

If you study a bit of psychology, understand the physics of the universe, you will realise that everything ever created through us (humans) on this earth is art. Its a form of creation, talk about trains, aeroplanes, phones, bridges, sky-crappers, TVs, every single thing we use in day-to-day life is thought and created by someone, and it is pure creation, pure art.

Human mind can conceive and develop any skill, the key to master any skill is practice for years. The more time you put in learning any skill the better you get at it. One who is good at being doctor or engineer, has given more time to its study, Similarly if you put more time in sketching and drawing, you will get better at it, master it soon. So it's very simple to understand that some are good at Doctory, some are good at engineering and some are good at drawing/painting, all of them are artists.

You try not be an artist on day-to-day life, which is against the law of nature. You are stuck in your daily job, 9 to 5, routine job, killing your very creative process and becoming a work machine. An average mind is comfortable using physical strength over mental strength in his job as it feels easy. Thinking (being creative) is the most difficult job on this earth (-- Henry Ford). Very few people do it and these are freakin' successful people, rest of them are kind of robotic, slaves, working mindlessly.

You are an artist by law of nature, throw yourself back in time when you were a kid, you loved the colours, painting, sketching. which kid on this earth doesn't like colour painting? none. Many don't support the idea of being a painter, digital artist or tattoo artist, architect or graffiti artist, graphic designer, commercial artist, sculptors, etc. because of its creative nature. Average man fears creativity as it needs more use of mental activity. I hear this a lot from parents "my son will become doctor, engineer, pilot etc." because of the stable income source and demand for it is high, which is stupid. AN ARTIST MAKES WAY MORE MONEY THAN ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL LIKE DOCTOR OR ENGINEERS.

Its all about being a successful artist, everyone is an artist anyway. The path to success is simple, dedicate more time and patience to what you wish to do, if you follow your passion then you will leap towards success. When you follow your passion you tend to love what you do and so there is more focus on practice and study, which eventually makes you successful faster than many.

Let me tell you how did I manage to break the mediocre mindset and went from nothing to millionaire in less than 5 years. Here is the link to my success story, trust me, it is very inspiring, I was average, just like any other average person on earth,

And here are the top 10 Books which helped me through my success journey, without these books I wouldn't have made it through

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