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Heartwork Tattoo Festival - About Day One

The winter is up and chilling in Delhi, and today, on 6th December 2019, Aliens are ready to rock Day one at Heartwork Tattoo Festival (HTF). We’re here with booming enthusiasm and we’re up for the best. With Sunny Sir and Allan collaborating on a masterpiece, we have many of our students making small and large tattoos as they compete for various categories.

We’ve chosen a roster of our students who went through a few rounds of screening before being selected for representing us at HTF. At Aliens Tattoo School, we motivate each student to develop and spread their wings in the world of tattoos. Heartwork is a great opportunity for them to showcase their skills and take their tattoo career a notch above. Participating in HTF is a dream for many, and we’re glad that our students are making us proud each moment.

It’s just the first day, and we’re booming with pride already. Our artists Anvesh and Saiyyam have started bagging prizes already!

Aliens Tattoo School - Heartwork Tattoo Festival - Best black and grey tattoo small - Best comic character tattoo small color - Day 1
Anvesh, Allan Gois, and Saiyyam with their trophies at Heartwork Tattoo Festival 2019

Anvesh started his career from Aliens Tattoo Art School, and boy, has he not made us proud? He bagged the first prize in the small black & grey tattoo category.

He was a determined person ever since he enrolled at Aliens Tattoo School, and he was glued with one thought, ‘I want to be a great tattoo artist!’.

Anvesh is extremely dedicated when it comes to tattoo art. It is seen in his work, the sheer focus and vibe that he creates while inking. The prize he won on Day One at Heartwork Tattoo Festival really proves it.

Aliens Tattoo School - Heartwork Tattoo Festival - Best comic character color tattoo - Day 1
Saiyyam Patel with his mentor Sunny Bhanushali on bagging the Best Color Tattoo Small at HTF

Saiyyam a Mumbai boy, who chose Art over any other thing has proven that the sky is the limit. His love for art drove him to Aliens Tattoo School and his efforts have taken him to newer heights today. 

He was really keen on polishing his skills and being the best, and after developing under Aliens, he’s grown into something that his trophies are proof of! Yes, that's right. Yet again!

 Aliens Tattoo School - Heartwork Tattoo Festival - Best comic character - Day 1
Tattoo by Saiyyam Patel at Heartwork Tattoo Festival - Best Color Tattoo Small

Saiyyam bagged the first prize in the Best Color Tattoo category at India's Biggest Tattoo Festival. His back-to-back victory in a span of 3 months is remarkable.

It's only been a year since he finished his course from Aliens Tattoo School and he already owns a dazzling tattoo studio and a shelf full of glory.

The proud moments of Heartwork Tattoo Festival on Day One were summed up by these victories while the masterpiece by Sunny and Allan is still going on – the full-back piece includes portraits of Nikola Tesla and Salvador Dali with an Alien Twist.

If you’re around Delhi, make sure to visit HTF and catch the finest of artists inking some stunning tattoos! Until then, see you and have a great time!

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