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How to Boost your Beauty Salon Business

Are you struggling hard to boost your beauty salon business? Do you have local competitors around your salon, which are drowning your sales by offering cheap (low cost) services? Every salon offers almost the same number of services at desperately low prices to retain the customer, however, this plan is destined for failure. So do you have any strategy to beat the market and boost your sales and multiply (10X) your business revenue?

The next big change in the salon industry could be the introduction of tattoo art in the beauty salons. The tattoo industry is worth 8 Billion USD, it is massively huge while it is still a niche market. There is a huge potential in the space of tattoo and body art.

According to Facebook Analytics and Google Search Traffic, there are more than 500 Million people looking out to get a tattoo or some sort of body art in the nearer future, the demand is ever increasing.

In India, an average tattoo from a reputed tattoo studio costs around 8000 INR, that is the price of one tattoo, a good tattoo studio with 2 artists does around 40 to 50 tattoos in a month. A successful tattoo studio like Aliens Tattoo (Mumbai studio) does around 170 to 220 tattoos a month with average pricing of 12000. Do the math and you will be wondering why didn’t I ever thought of this. Think about what if you manage to learn this art from the right place and learn about its business and make a part of your skillset.

If you are a beautician, a makeup artist, a hairstylist, or a salon owner, learning the art of tattooing and body art will help you expand your client network while increasing your income by more than 10 times.

And if you are a beauty salon owner, it will be a great strategy to have your trustworthy employees learn Tattoo art as it will add great value to their life and also boost your business by 10X.

Now there are few salons who have tried doing this and have failed because there was never a structured business model ever before. There were no tattoo training schools, no support from the government, only a few local tattoo artists used to teach their favorites as the tattoo community was very reserved and closed. But now tattoo art has gone to another level.

Aliens Tattoo School brings the most comprehensive course in tattoo art, structured and designed for aspiring artists who wish to make a career in Tattoo and Body art. Our course also includes a business management curriculum that helps other businesses like beauty parlors and salons to integrate tattooing in their ongoing business. We are the first and only start-up company in this genre of business to be recognized by the Government of India. We have catered more than 1000 students in the last two years, we are respected and recognized by many b business giants like Cheyenne, Eternal Inks, Dermalise, The Mans Company, and few more as the most trustworthy tattoo learning platform across the globe.

Become a part of the fastest-growing art industry. Join the revolution and be among the first race of people to integrate this opportunity in your business. For Free consultation please fill the following form, we will call you and to discuss further.

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