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Do you know why drawing is the only form of art that everyone likes or has an interest in?

It’s because drawing makes us happy. It is an art form that is used to express what we feel & we get to explore our creative side. While growing up, we used to love drawing & crafts periods in school because we knew that we would have fun. Many therapists use art therapy to treat their patients as well. Unfortunately, our parents taught us that we cannot earn or make a living out of drawing & that it is only good for a hobby. I know that many of you agreed to this and focused on your studies to graduate, to start your career, and to get ‘settled’ in life. In the end, you get stuck in the never-ending rat race. I don’t disagree with all the parents because they were right at that time. But today’s world is different. You can easily make an earning from drawing or creative jobs. We are no more living in an Industrial Age, THIS IS A NEW AGE. Some masters call it the Information Age, I call it THE CREATIVE AGE. We have a lot more freedom when it comes to career growth and success.

Creative work pays more than any other profession.

Just like, In the earlier days, the tattoo was a taboo, and tattoo art used to be performed for traditional purposes only. But now getting a tattoo is like decorating your body, expressing your feelings through tattoo and fashion statement as well. Every person you meet, they either have a tattoo on their body or they want to get one or they know someone who has a tattoo. Now, tattoo artists earn well and live a very good life.

So what would you do as a parent, if your kid is good at drawing, but not good with studies? If drawing makes your kid happy, which career he/she should choose?

Your decision will be very important for your kid’s life. There are a large number of people in the world who are stuck in some career, in which they are not growing, they hate their job or they regret joining that career.

Choosing amongst Career Options:

Choosing a career for your kids is a very hard job but if you share/talk with your kids, you will understand what he/she likes. You just need to do further research using Google to find the right career option. To find the right career you need some important and correct information:

1 Future scope of the industry growth

2 What is the average income and income growth cycle

3 How much money is involved in the industry

4 Which is the best teaching institution

5 Why people learn from this respective institution

6 What is the current status of the students of such institution

Only after getting all this information will you be able to make a decision for your kid’s future and growth. He/she will excel in it because, in the end, they are doing what they love not what they are forced to do.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you're doing, You will be successful

If your kid is interested in creative things like drawing/sketching then making a career in tattoo art is also one of the successful career options. There are people who changed their career to tattoo artists from bankers, MBA graduates, graduates, BMS graduates, and so on.

Salary for a tattoo artist in India:

In India, getting a tattoo from a reputed tattoo studio costs around 8000 INR, that is the price of one tattoo, a good tattoo studio with 2 artists does around 40 to 50 tattoos in a month. A successful tattoo studio like Aliens Tattoo (Mumbai studio) does around 170 to 220 tattoos a month with average pricing of 12000. Do the math and you will be wondering why you did not think of this industry sooner.

That’s how much money is involved in the tattoo industry. It is open for everyone and it does not even require academic knowledge/certification. The kid who manages to learn this art, inside of the business from the right place is certainly reaching new heights.

India is an emerging market for tattoo artists. There is an enormous demand for tattoo artists in India.

Aliens Tattoo School brings the most comprehensive course in tattoo art, structured and designed for aspiring artists who wish to make a career in Tattoo and Body art. We have designed this course for all the people out there who like drawing irrespective of how good or bad they are. It simply doesn’t matter. What matters is your interest in it.

We are the first and only start-up company in this genre of business to be recognized by the Government of India. We have catered to more than 1000 students in the last two years. We are respected and recognized by business giants like Cheyenne, Eternal Inks, Dermalise, The Man Company, and few more as the most trustworthy tattoo learning platform across the globe.

Become a part of the fastest-growing art industry. Join the revolution and be among the first set of people to leverage this opportunity. For Free orientation, You can connect to us on +91 9167 001 926 / +91 9833 065 290

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