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sunny bhanushali featured in forbes

Aliens Tattoo School was born out of the creative vision of Sunny Bhanushali, a passionate artist who, like many children, grew up fascinated by superheroes and sci-fi characters. As he grew up, Sunny's love for animation and graphics blossomed, leading him to self-educate through online resources despite financial hardships. His dedication saw him mastering tools like Adobe Photoshop and 3D Max, but he soon realized the limitations of India's struggling animation industry, which offered low pay and little room for creativity.

Faced with these challenges, Sunny explored various jobs, from roles in animation to call centers. These experiences honed his skills but left him yearning for true creative expression. A turning point came when he witnessed a friend getting a tattoo, which revealed to him the potential of merging his artistic talents with the world of tattooing. This sparked a newfound purpose for Sunny: to combine his expertise in visualization and digital design with the art of tattooing.

sunny bhanushali

Sunny's journey paved a way for the creation of Aliens Tattoo School, where he now channels his extensive knowledge and passion into teaching aspiring tattoo artists. The school embodies his dream of fostering a dynamic environment where creativity thrives, offering students the opportunity to turn their passion into a fulfilling career. Through Aliens Tattoo School, Sunny not only achieves his own dreams but also empowers others to unlock their artistic potential and transform their lives.

Today, Aliens Tattoo is more than just a company. It is a testament to his artistic vision, creativity, and resilience. From a small studio, Aliens Tattoo has grown into a prestigious chain known for innovation, strict hygiene standards, and outstanding artistry. It has become a luxury brand worth nearly 150 crore INR. Under Sunny's leadership, the brand has transformed tattooing in India from a niche hobby to a respected art form!

Sunny's entrepreneurial journey is driven by passion, perseverance, and vision. His dedication to nurturing new talent in the tattoo industry is evident in the creation of the Aliens Tattoo School. This school is not just a learning center but a place where aspiring tattoo artists are trained to become masters, reflecting Sunny's own journey.

The Aliens Tattoo School stands by Sunny's belief in the power of education and mentorship. It is a space where creativity and discipline come together, celebrating and refining artistry. The comprehensive curriculum covers both the artistic and technical aspects of tattooing, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. More importantly, the school fosters a community of artists united by their love for tattooing, making its true impact felt in the connections and support it provides.

Sunny Bhanushali's feature in Forbes India celebrates his remarkable achievements and resonates with many. It reminds us that our beginnings do not determine our future, and the biggest obstacles are often self-imposed. Overcoming these requires courage, persistence, and belief in one's dreams.

As Sunny continues to inspire new artists and entrepreneurs, his story tells a tale of true success. His journey from overcoming a stammer to becoming a star is a beacon for anyone with big dreams, making his Forbes India feature a source of motivation and inspiration for those on their own paths to success.

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