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virat kohli's tattoo artist

Our story begins with Devendra Palav, who started as a graphic designer and transitioned to a Celebrity Tattoo Artist

Things changed when Devendra discovered Aliens Tattoo through a friend's suggestion. From being a student at Aliens Tattoo School, he quickly grew into a top tattoo artist, now holding a senior position. His special talent lies in mixing letters and designs to make unique tattoos that stand out. His passion for art and unwavering commitment to his craft set him on a journey that transformed him from a student of the school into a Mentor and Lead Tattoo Artist at Aliens Tattoo.

Devendra's path to becoming a master tattoo artist was marked by dedication, hard work, and a never-ending pursuit of excellence. His fascination with the intricate details of geometric and dotwork tattoo styles distinguished him early on. These styles require not only a steady hand but also a deep understanding of symmetry, precision, and patience, qualities that Devendra possessed in abundance.

It was Devendra’s expertise in these styles that made him the perfect choice for a special project at Aliens Tattoo, one that would become a landmark moment for the studio. 

Virat, who had admired the work of Aliens Tattoo’s Founder Sunny Bhanushali for over two years, approached the studio with a desire for a new tattoo. Virat wanted a design that reflected his spirituality and symbolized the interconnectedness of all things. Although his busy schedule initially delayed the project, he returned with a fresh request to cover up an old tattoo with a design embodying the source of creation, the higher oneness, and the structure of life.

The excitement and pressure of the project were noticeable as Devendra began working on the design. Each stroke of ink was in perfect harmony with the next, creating a flow of art that was both detailed and bold.  His attention to detail and deep understanding of the spiritual elements Virat wanted were evident in every aspect of the tattoo. The design featured a Metatron's Cube, a sacred geometric symbol containing all the shapes and patterns of the universe, a Septagon representing perfection, harmony, and balance, a geometric flower symbolizing interconnectedness, and a cubic pattern for stability and structure.

The tattoo, rich with spiritual emotions, resonated deeply with Virat. He felt a profound connection to the masterpiece that Devendra had created, knowing it would be a powerful symbol of his spiritual journey. Virat put himself in the tattooing process, marveling at the intricate dotwork and how each element of the design came together to create something truly magical. Due to his packed schedule, the tattooing was split into two sessions: the first, a six-hour session in the Mumbai studio, and the second, an eight-hour marathon in the Bangalore studio. Over twelve hours of tattooing, Virat remained dedicated and unwavering, never once complaining or showing fatigue.

Finally, after more than twelve hours of detailed work, the session concluded. Virat looked at his new tattoo with a sense of wonder and amazement. He knew this tattoo would accompany him for the rest of his life, a powerful symbol of his spiritual journey and connection to something greater than himself. As he left the studio, he knew he had experienced something truly special. 

Devendra Palav and the team at Aliens Tattoo had given him not only a beautiful work of art but also an unforgettable experience, expressing that dreams do take off with expertise and passion.

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