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The Perks Of Being A Tattoo Artist

Are you someone who has always been captivated by art? The effort put behind art keeps your mind busy? Or do you constantly convey your imagination on a canvas? Then these traits indicate that you are a good fit to become a tattoo artist. And you are most likely one of them. The idea of being a tattoo artist is great. But is it that easy to be one? In this article, we give you an insight into what being a professional in the tattoo industry is like.

Contrary to common assumption, today's artists are garnering a lot of riches. According to the latest Indeed estimates, tattoo artists earn an average monthly remuneration of Rs. 2.9 lakhs. And, in comparison to other socially valued occupations in India, such as doctors and engineers, tattoo artists now possess the same status. So, if the thought of not earning as much as traditional vocations crosses your mind, take it right off. Despite the fact that tattoo artists are no strangers to struggle, the assumption of ‘barely thriving’ as a tattoo artist is long gone. And it’s not just us saying that. It's our talented tattoo artists at Aliens, backing up our statement.

With the financial benefits, being a tattoo artist has much more to it. There are many things that come after becoming a tattoo artist. So if you want to know what perks you will get from tattooing, read on!

You get to earn as much as doctors and engineers

With having so many platforms, in the digital and offline world, artists have exposure to a wide range of audiences. In such a connected world, the road to becoming a good earning tattooist is not hard. Additionally, tattoos are going more mainstream. A study by Business Insider concludes that India has a massive 20,000 crore tattoo industry. And, as tattoos become increasingly popular, there is no doubt that the carhheer of a tattoo artist is a profitable one. In fact, some tattoo artists today make way more than many doctors, lawyers, or engineers you might be knowing.

An average tattoo artist in the US makes around 60,000 USD (45 Lakh INR) a year. That amount is just a dream from many doctors and engineers. In fact, the profession of doctors and engineers is so saturated, that success becomes really hard there. Whereas the number of tattoo artists in India as compared to the demand for tattoos is low. This means we need more tattoo artists around us.

You have a lot of opportunities to travel

As a person who have art in their hearts, the love for travel comes instinctively. And although the old television might have painted an image of tattoo artists only working in a tattoo parlor. The reality is far from it. As a tattooist, you get to visit many places to show off your art. Not only do you visit your clients, but you also get to visit many other events like tattoo conventions and workshops. And while traveling you not only get connected to the world around you but also to other talented people who live in it.

You are prone to become famous

The more you get indulged in the art of tattooing, the more recognition you start getting. Unlike corporate jobs, tattoo artists have a diverse clientele. And when you have a good hand at the art you exhibit, the word spreads. You will be stunned to know that within only a year of being a tattoo artist, you will have tons of connections. And such diverse people, which you couldn’t have imagined to have in a 9 to 5 job. And we are just talking about offline fame. Once you start putting your art on the internet, you have no idea about the lengths of people you could reach.

You get to work with celebrities

This part often gets unnoticed, but being a tattoo artist you have clients which are celebrities. Many big celebrities of India, (Famous cricketers like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and also top actresses like Anushka, Deepika) are fans of tattoo craft. It’s rare to find a celebrity nowadays, who has never been tatted. Even though you get a diverse clientele, celebrities make up a good percentage of your clients. In such a situation, you also get to sit down with these celebrities and dip their toes in the world of fame.

You get to be your own boss

It’s great to have the liberty to do things your way. After all, creativity does not flourish in constricted spaces. So when you have the career of tattooing, you’re not just the artist, but many times you're also a businessman/woman. You get to make your own choices and decisions. But when you’re doing that you have to remember that you also take all the credit for it. In India, many young people are unhappy with their jobs, one of the reasons being, not getting freedom as well as credit for their work. But with tattoo artists that is not the case. You get applause for your work.

Not only you, but your work goes global

India has a rich history of tattoo flair. Nonetheless, India is also a great travel destination for people around the world. And for this reason, many tourists of India like to take tattoos as souvenirs. So in a way, your art travels globally, telling stories that you helped inking. What is better than that? And to take a different perspective, your talent gets recognized on a global scale. Your service is not just limited to the 4 walls of your tattoo shop. In most cases, your art has seen more of the world, than you yourself.

You connect with people on a personal level

In any job, people meet new people. But what is different in being a tattoo artist, is that you don’t just connect for the sake of business. Your art is someone else’s story. So in that long tattoo session, you get to know your client as a person. In only a few months as a tattoo artist, you will make 100s of friends. And you will expose yourself to a bigger world. And for any artist, having a good network is a must.

You are not limited to just one job and location

Success comes to those who are always on the move. And if you have a hunger for success, you would like to do something different. People who are successful, have always worked differently than the rigid daily routine. As a tattooist, you don’t have to work at just one location or at one particular time. There are endless possibilities for you. Work at two different tattoo studios, freelance & work with new people every day. In the end, you have the full liberty to chase your goals.

If you are or know someone who fancies having a good income, with all the above perks. Then you or the person you know will fit right into the role of a successful tattooist. But before you get to the perks, you need to be skilled. And if you are wondering how you become a professional tattoo artist, we have just the right thing for you. Become a tattoo artist today, with Aliens Tattoo Art School.

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