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The idea of being an artist lures many of us in. But art doesn’t come easily to all of us. Although, if you are someone who has always had a brush in your hand, becoming a tattoo artist would be just right for you. So if you are an art enthusiast and have been practicing, the tattoo industry is calling your name. If you’re wondering if tattooing would even be possible for you, don’t worry! Many tattoo artists started out like you, sketching on paper before they got to the human canvas. Once you have the vision and love for art, with professional training, you could easily become a successful tattooist.

The tattoo industry is forecasted to grow at a whopping 10% in 2022, making it one of the fastest-growing industries. And that is why this is the perfect time to take up the tattoo gloves. But becoming a tattoo artist has much more to it than just the above fancy numbers. If you're wondering if a career in the tattoo business is suited for you, you've come to the correct place. Many young people are increasingly ditching traditional corporate jobs in pursuit of more creative and gratifying careers like tattooing. Read on to understand why it is the best time to start learning tattoo art.

The demand of tattoo industry

The art of tattooing has been around for ages. It’s as old as human civilization. But what you understand from this is that, through all these years, tattoos have not lost their glamor. There are only a few industries that could have thrived this long, and tattoos are one of them. It was here till now and is certainly not going anywhere until the near future.

If anything, tattoos are only projected to grow rapidly each year. According to IBISWorld market research, the tattoo industry in 2020 generated a revenue of $1.7 Billion. They also concluded that it is showing no signs of slowing down. Meaning that demand is only going to be up everywhere. And to give a little clarity, even the healthcare industry is not projected to grow at a booming rate of 10% a year. So thinking of doctors and engineers as an ‘ideal profession’, should be wiped off immediately. The world would be welcoming more great tattoo artists soon.

It's booming now more than ever before

Circling back to what you came for, why is this time the perfect time? For starters, now 1 in 10 people are tattooed in India. By 2025, the number would increase to 3. What you are learning indirectly, is to enter one of the most creative yet profitable markets in the world.

Also, the influence of tattoos on the young population is massive. Many are getting inspired by their favorite celebrities and now even influencers to get similar tattoos as them. The 900 crore influencer industry of India, contributes a lot to the tattoo industry.

Not to mention the tattoo age of self-expression. Tattoos have become a popular method of self-expression and treatment for people suffering from mental illnesses. Many celebrities and well-known influencers have used tattoos to help them deal with emotional issues. In turn, many more are inspired to do the same. Tattoos are no longer merely for aesthetic appeal; they now have a deeper significance.

Furthermore, the acceptance of tattoos is what makes them so popular nowadays. Social ostracization was one of the key reasons why the tattoo market was caught in a rut. However, surveys reveal that the dawn of this decade has already made companies more welcoming of tattoos. Many businesses are removing the label of "unprofessional" from tattoos. Resulting in more and more people being courageous to get inked.

According to HRMGuide, for over 90% of people who get inked, budget is the least of their concerns. So when you step into tattooing, you will surely not be compromising your income just because you have many competitions. Whereas in typical corporate jobs, you are hardly rewarded for your work. But with tattooing, you are not in a rat race. People recognize your art and your hard work gets well paid off as well.

It is now gaining the deserved recognition

Gone are the days when only the lawyers and doctors of society were rewarded with respect. We are lucky to have an upcoming generation, who adore creative professions like tattoo artists at the same level. And it’s not only respect that is gained, but also the income. An average tattoo artist can now make nearly 2,50,000 INR a month. This number is way more than any conventionally recognized profession’s salary. And if you master the skill well enough, the sky's the limit.

The Professional training is now accessible

Believe it or not, tattoo training earlier included the ‘just wing it’ apprenticeship. Which was mainly just observing the artist, rather than learning itself. But now, tattoo art can be learned more professionally. Tattoo schools like Aliens, are now recognized by the government. So it’s high time we start thinking of a tattoo degree as useful as any other college degree. Additionally, you get all the features of a professional degree like student loans, internships, and also the chance to work with the top artists.

The best part is, you gain professional and practical knowledge in less than a year. This means you could kick start your professional career as a tattoo artist even at the age of 18. And sit shoulder to shoulder with other high professionals of the society.

You can get a Stable Job as a Tattoo artist

You don’t have to necessarily open up your own studio in order to sustain yourself as a tattoo artist. Like any other corporate organization, big tattoo brands of India provide highly paying job opportunities to talented artists. So if having a stable income was your biggest concern, it shouldn’t bother you anymore. With Aliens’ professional tattoo training course, finding a good earning job as a tattoo artist is unquestionably easy. All you need is the dedication and hunger to present the best art.

So if you have the love and dedication for art, let’s mix that with our expert and masterly training. And become a professional Tattoo artist with Aliens Today!

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