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You were so good at drawing when you were young, What happened?

learn from aliens tattoo school

Do you like drawing. Were you good in art and drawing when you were in school. If yes, what did stop you from pursuing what you liked. What if you can rewind your life and choose art again. What if your passion (art) becomes the main source of your income. You earn doing what you like. Wouldn’t it be awesome to live to your passion.

I understand that as you went on with your life, things changed, life didn't turn out to be as expected. Your day-to-day life is killing all your creative dreams, grown-ups call them childish dreams now. We have been trained to do a 9 to 5 job with few breaks from school. No one ever taught you that you can make money being an artist, only few brave made it through. But let me tell you here, things have changed now, an artist makes way more than average Doctors and Engineers. You have the potential to become a successful artist and it is easier than you think, trust me!

My name is Sunny Bhanushali, I am the founder of Aliens Tattoo and Aliens Tattoo School. I started with nothing, my first job profile was of sweeper and later got promoted to gate-keeper, it was back in 2006-2007. I was good at art but no one ever guided me that my art skills can make me a millionaire. I was competing with the world to become like any other person, I went from Sweeper to BPO(call center) executive making 30K a month. It was not enough for me, specially the BPO corporate life, felt like slavery to me. There was no space for creative expansion.

I decided to take a leave and follow my passion. I learnt Tattoo Art on my own, it took me less than 7 years to become millionaire, yes, I make approx 1.2 million Monthly. Today Aliens tattoo is one of the top studios in India, My work is globally recognised and I travel around the world as an artist. LET ME TELL YOU THAT THIS WAS SO EASY than conventional career options. It took me long as I did it on my own, however I started teaching this art from 2014 through Aliens Tattoo School and I was astounded to see how fast one can learn this art form under the right guidance and put it to commercial use.

I have a team of 14 artists, all trained by me, they are in the age group of 19yrs to 28yrs making more than 100,000 INR monthly. They joined our Complete Course in Tattoo Art, finished it, and in less than 1 year they were making 50K plus, seriously! And its not just about money, they have an amazing life, few of them travel around the world as tattoo artists already, they work in their own time, quite famous in the industry, earned lot of respect from friends, family and everyone around.

You can still make it if you just take a step forward into the right direction, Tattoo art is high in demand, our statistics say that we have very few good artists to serve outnumbered clients. In India, its the fastest growing career option, its not conventional, but its right here, few years down the line we will have many schools for tattoo art, we may see this as one of the art topics in art schools. Government is already considering tattooing as a great career option. This is the time, give yourself a head start now, grab the future option, right timing is the key to successful life. Join Aliens Tattoo School and become a pro-level tattoo artist.

Visit this link, Complete Course in Tattoo Art, to know about this course.

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