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Batch 2023, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

anamika dakua, Aliens school student
I don’t think there will be an experience like this anywhere else. Aliens is the best choice

professional tattoo artist has been an inspiring tale of resilience, passion, and overcoming obstacles. Hailing from the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands, she faced numerous challenges on her path to realizing her dream, but she refused to let anything stop her.

She initially wanted to do her masters but the pandemic delayed her marksheet submissions, so she had a gap year with nothing to do. She had a sense of uncertainty about her future and it was during this period of idle time that her interest in tattoos was sparked. One day, her brother had come home with a bicep tattoo that was done by a friend of his. She was instantly captivated and immediately wanted to learn. Driven by her newfound passion, she contacted the friend to teach her, who initially agreed. However, this friend turned out to be unprofessional and failed to respect Anamika's time and dedication. Frustrated and disappointed, she made the difficult decision to quit midway without gaining any knowledge, realizing that she needed proper guidance and support to truly pursue her dreams.

Instead of abandoning her dream, she continued to be persistent and found out about Aliens Tattoo Art School. Excitement surged through her, but there was one significant hurdle to overcome—her mother's disapproval. Her mother initially had reservations about her daughter choosing this unconventional career path. However, her brother recognized her talent and potential, assuring their mother that Anamika's passion and dedication would lead her to success. During her initial school visit, Anamika was doubting herself and her capabilities, unsure if she could succeed without much prior experience. Yet, as she left the school that day, her face lit up and she became determined to give it a try.

With every passing day, Anamika's skills flourished under the careful mentorship and guidance she received. Despite completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Anamika felt that her pencil work was not up to par. However, during her time at the school, she perfected her skills. The mentors patiently guided her, and she was immensely satisfied with her first tattoo at the institution. She later interned with Aliens Tattoo and is now a full-time tattoo artist at our Kolkata studio. Anamika's journey has been full of obstacles, but her courage and determination have led her to success!

Anamika's journey has been far from easy, marked by many obstacles and self-doubt. Yet, through her strong courage and determination, she has overcome each challenge that came her way. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that with passion, perseverance, and the support of loved ones, a person can transform their dreams into reality.


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