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Batch 2020, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

Darshan Vaya, Aliens school student
My journey with Aliens Tattoo School was extraordinary. It transformed me into a pro tattoo artist and helped me discover my life's purpose. I am forever grateful for this incredible experience.

In the busy streets of Mumbai, amidst the skyscrapers and the city life, there lies a story of passion and self-discovery. Meet Darshan Vaya, a young creative whose journey from finance to the world of tattoo artistry is nothing short of extraordinary.

Backed with a bachelor's degree in finance and accounts, Darshan held a promising career in the financial sector. His sights were set on pursuing further studies abroad, with dreams of making a mark in the industry.

However, fate had a different plan in store for Darshan.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected his plans of studying abroad, leaving him uncertain of his next steps. It was during this tough period that destiny intervened in the form of a visit to Aliens Tattoo Studio in Mumbai.

Accompanying his sister for a cover-up tattoo session at Aliens Tattoo Studio, Darshan was immediately captivated by the ambiance and infectious joy that flowed through the tattoo studio. Stepping into that studio was like stepping into another world for Darshan. Surrounded by colors and creativity, something stirred within him!

Fascinated by the world of tattooing, he got on a journey of exploration, getting deeper into the details of this growing industry in India. In time, he enrolled himself in Aliens Tattoo School as a student along the batch of December 2020, marking the beginning of his story. With structured curriculum and guidance by experienced mentors, Darshan discovered a newfound passion for tattoo artistry that lit his soul with pure creativity and enthusiasm.

At the Aliens Tattoo School, the moment he held his tattoo machine for the first time, a strong sense of excitement coursed through Darshan's veins, signaling the start of a new chapter in his life. With every stroke of ink, he realized he had now found his true calling.

Darshan's journey in the world of tattooing soon garnered recognition and great acclaim. He won the Best Upcoming Artist of 2023 in the prestigious Goa Tattoo Carnival and was also recognized in the Total Tattoo Magazine, a renowned UK-based publication, further marking his place in the global tattooing community.

In the midst of his reflections, Darshan recollects about an important moment in his journey, "The moment I did my first tattoo, it was a different level of excitement for me. It was that instant I realized, "I am actually doing this!”

As Darshan reflects on his journey from the corridors of the Aliens Tattoo School, he is filled with a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. What began as an unexpected encounter has now bloomed into lifelong passion and purpose.

For Darshan, every tattoo is a story waiting to be told. And as he reflects on his journey, he is grateful for the unexpected turns that led him here. His story is a reminder that sometimes, the path to your dreams isn't the one you planned, but it is always worth the journey!


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