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Batch 2016, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

Devendra palav, Aliens school student
As I inked the final details of my first tattoo, I felt a strong rush of emotion. In that instant, I knew that I was doing what I was born to do.

Devendra Palav's story is a witness to the power of dedication, passion, and unconditional familial support.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Devendra's journey began with a humble background in Commerce and Graphic Designing. However, his true calling lay in the world of art, where he could nurture his creative side and bring his artistic vision to life.
A New Beginning
Devendra's journey began when he started researching about the best tattoo schools in India back in 2016, and Aliens Tattoo School stood out as a top choice. The school's unique approach and structured curriculum into tattooing, resonated deeply with his artistic vision. He knew that this was where he could give voice to his passion and unlock his full potential as a tattoo artist.

Despite the industry's relatively small size at the time, Devendra's family was initially hesitant to invest in his tattoo schooling due to the fees. However, they ultimately supported him wholeheartedly, and their encouragement played an important role in shaping him into the celebrated tattoo artist that he is today.

Under the guidance of the esteemed faculty at Aliens Tattoo School, Devendra set on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and he quickly emerged as a standout student.

Moments at the Aliens Tattoo School
Devendra recalls his time at Aliens Tattoo School with fondness and gratitude. Despite the challenges of juggling a full-time job and his studies, he was determined to make the most of every moment. "I was a part of the 2016 batch and remember having only an hour each day for training," he reflects, "but I poured my heart and soul into every minute."

One particular moment stands out in Devendra's mind. "I was working on a portrait of a lioness in realism, and as I inked the final details, I felt a strong rush of emotion," he says. "In that instant, I knew that I was doing what I was born to do. Aliens Tattoo School has given me the guidance and the confidence to pursue my passion, and I will forever be grateful."
The Rise to Fame
As Devendra's skills continued to evolve, he began to make a name for himself in the tattoo industry. His style in patterns, elements, and unique line art, earned him recognition and accolades from both peers and clients. His work caught the attention of celebrities like Virat Kohli, Tilak Varma, Riyan Parag, and more, who sought him out for his exceptional talent and attention to detail.

Devendra Palav's dedication to his work has also earned him awards and recognition. His collaborative work with other artists at the Goa Tattoo Festival earned him the prestigious award for Best Collaboration while his stunning realism tattoo earned him the runner-up position in the Best Realism category at the renowned Heartwork Tattoo Festival!
The Legacy
Today, (Instagram ID - Devendra Palav) is a celebrated tattoo artist known for his breathtaking tattoo art and great attention to detail. His journey from a Graphic Designer to a renowned Celebrity Tattoo Artist now echoes through the corridors of the Aliens Tattoo School.

His story now serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, reminding them that with dedication and passion, they too can achieve their dreams and make a lasting impact in the world of tattoos.


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