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Batch 2022, Advanced course in B&G Realism

erika, Aliens school student
For me, Aliens Tattoo School was not just a place to express my love for art, it was where I truly found myself!

Erika Edblom's journey into the world of art and tattooing has been one of passion and embracing unique opportunities.

Born and raised in Sweden, Erika's love for art blossomed from a young age. She spent countless hours sketching and drawing, allowing her imagination to flow freely on the canvas.

Despite her natural love for artistic expression, Erika initially pursued studies in natural science. However, the call of creativity proved too strong to resist, and she made the bold decision to drop out of her academics to wholeheartedly pursue her artistic endeavors. This important moment marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would lead her to explore the world of graphic illustration and, ultimately, tattooing.

Erika's decision to get into the field of tattooing was not only driven by her passion for art but also by the fascination of its uniqueness as a form of expression. She recognized that tattooing offered a distinct responsibility for artists to not only create visually captivating designs but also to fill them with stories and meaning, ultimately becoming a part of the client's identity.

Knowing how much art can change lives, she started looking for tattoo schools online to learn the art, ultimately finding her perfect fit in Aliens Tattoo School.

The path to mastering the art of tattooing led Erika on a remarkable journey across continents, from the landscapes of Sweden to the vibrant culture in India. Despite the distance and the challenges of a foreign environment, Erika kept working hard to learn and get better at what she wanted to do - mastering the art of tattooing.

For Erika, the decision to travel to India for her tattooing education was clear. She saw it as the optimal choice, offering a comprehensive learning experience that surpassed other options available to her. The culture, combined with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, provided a solid foundation upon which Erika could master her craft.

To further define her tattooing style, Erica enrolled herself in the Black and Grey Realism Course in 2022. This allowed her to further create detailed designs that captivated the eye and evoked a sense of depth and emotion. Since honing her skills in this particular style, Erika has set on a number of projects that have allowed her creativity to flourish.

She shares that Aliens Tattoo School wasn't just a place to express her love for art, it was where she truly found herself. Learning black and grey realism tattooing there filled her with pride and joy. It was like discovering a hidden talent that made her heart sing. With every tattoo, she poured her emotions into her work, driven by a deep longing to become even better.

Erika has now transformed her passion for art into a thriving career as a professional tattoo artist. Her journey serves as an inspiring example of embracing the opportunities that lie beyond the confines of comfort and familiarity. As she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and skill, she stands as an inspiration in the world of tattooing.


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