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Batch 2022, Advanced course in B&G Realism

lawrence, Aliens school student
Dare to dream, work tirelessly, and never let the odds dictate your destiny. With creativity and self-belief, you are bound to claim the victories you deserve!

Lawrence Mitchell's journey has been one of overcoming obstacles and carving his own path to success. Here’s his story defying the odds to achieve remarkable success in the world of tattoo art.

His early years were shaped by the harsh realities of a tough environment. Despite the odds against him, he refused to give up on his love for art. Instead, he channeled his energy into his passion for tattooing, finding peace in the art form from a young age.
Navigating Through the World Of Tattooing
At the tender age of 18, Lawrence set on a professional journey into the world of tattooing. With a thirst for knowledge, he worked headfirst into the craft, securing a job as a full-time tattoo artist and immersing himself in the world of ink and artistry. Despite the lack of formal training, Lawrence's passion burned bright, pushing him forward as he honed his skills through online resources. Each stroke of the needle became a witness of his commitment to excellence, refusing to let obstacles deter him from his dreams.
Exploring New Horizons
In time, driven by a desire for artistic growth, Lawrence set on a journey of exploration that took him across different states. Along the way, he witnessed vibrant tattoo communities, each filled with creativity and inspiration. It was within these dynamic environments that Lawrence found his true calling, drawing from the wealth that surrounded him. With every encounter and experience, he learned new insights and techniques, fueling his passion and propelling him ever closer to mastery in the art of tattooing.

However, working in a tattoo studio presented its own set of challenges for Lawrence. Without formal guidance, he relied on his self-made talent and a thirst for knowledge to navigate his artistic journey, determined to carve a niche for himself in the industry.

Seizing Opportunities with Aliens Tattoo School
A turning point came when Lawrence stumbled upon a video featuring Sunny Bhanushali - Founder of Aliens Tattoo, teaching techniques in Mumbai. Fascinated and inspired, Lawrence seized the opportunity to expand his skills, recognizing that age was no barrier to pursuing his dreams.

Enrolling in Aliens Tattoo School's Artist Program in March 2022 marked an important moment in Lawrence's journey. Despite the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, he embraced the opportunity with open arms, drawn to the cultural experience and the promise of personal growth. At Aliens, he found a supportive community of fellow tattoo artists who shared his passion and drive. He now attributes his success to his creativity, self-belief, and the bonds he forged with his peers.

Reflecting on his time at Aliens Tattoo School, Lawrence treasures the moments of gratitude and growth he experienced. From tattooing influencers to receiving accolades for his work, his journey is a witness to his passion for the craft.

With newfound expertise and confidence, Lawrence has now set on the next chapter of his journey - launching his own tattoo studio. It is a dream realized, a witness to his unwavering passion and the fruit of years of hard work and dedication he has put in to master the craft. Today, Lawrence Mitchell stands tall as an inspiration to aspiring tattoo artists all over the world. From his humble beginnings in Memphis to the realization of his dreams, his story serves as a reminder that with passion and power, lies the true essence.

His message to aspiring artists is simple yet significant- “Dare to dream, work tirelessly, and never let the odds dictate your destiny. With creativity and self-belief, you are bound to claim the victories you deserve. For in your passion lies the true essence of success."


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